All cultures, ancient and modern, adorn themselves and their homes as a physical expression of who they are. We invite you to adorn yourself with the most beautiful and meaningful items you can find. Our adornments include beautiful jewelry, apparel, and items for your home through our collaborations and partnerships with our favorite MoreSeekers from around the world.




A grateful heart creates MORE miracles. When we can be deliberate and dedicated to both what we have and what we'd like, MORE naturally finds us.

Having a regular gratitude and intent practice is a way you can  say, “Yes, I’ll have more of this please!” Deliberately focusing on what you're grateful and what you'd like MORE of increases your energetic vibration and you become magnetic, naturally attracting and creating  a life of MORE.

And we realized this is sometimes easier said than done. The MORE: GRATITUDE+INTENT Bracelet is specially designed with five GRATITUDE beads and one INTENT bead, reminding you each day to place your attention and awareness on attracting MORE of what you want into your life.

The MORE:GRATITUDE + INTENT Bracelet comes in men’s + women’s sizes in two different styles, all white bone + brass and black and white seed. Simple. Elegant. MORE. 




Knowing how you want to feel is one of the most powerful forms of clarity you can have. When you’re clear about your desired feelings, you glow on the universe’s radar. Your clarity is a beacon that helps Life find you — and send you support.

Malas are typically used by Hindus and Buddhists to recite and empower mantras and prayers. It can also simply be worn as a reminder and magnetizer of your desires.

The True Desire Mala is made of quartz, a powerful clarifying stone that amplifies and directs energy and sandalwood for calming and is traditionally used in Buddhist malas for magnetizing.

By holding the stone in your right hand, cupped in prayer position next to your heart you send it Love. Then by bringing to your third eye to project your intent or desired feeling, your mala becomes the magnet for your core desired feelings. $154 LEARN MORE