Corporate Soul is MoreSeeker's corporate coaching approach based on four key beliefs, designed to attract, develop and keep the best and the brightest talent

Work makes us better people

Our jobs offer the perfect opportunity for personal growth when we are challenged, feel empowered, make use of our innate wisdom and intuition, invite in a sense of wonder and possibility, and are treated with kindness and respect.

Work and life are not separate

They do not require balancing. No longer can work and life be separated as if we’re forced to choose one over the other. We must choose both. In order to choose both we need new definitions, approaches and techniques for creating a fulfilling and happy life.

human beings make best employees

And the best employees bring their souls to work with them every day. They lead with love, they practice vulnerability and they have the courage to stretch themselves and their teams into new and uncertain territory to further the success of the company and themselves.

Work is AN expression of self

Work isn’t simply a paycheck. When we show up to work as our complete and authentic self, we are more confident, more creative more passionate, and more productive. We must get to know ourselves intimately in order to be our best possible selves.