Corporate Soul is a revolutionary new corporate learning and development approach brought to you by MoreSeekers using the Moreology philosophy, practices and techniques to increase creativity, productivity, self-confidence and success of your most valuable asset – YOUR PEOPLE. 


Corporate Soul is MoreSeeker's corporate coaching approach based on four key beliefs, designed to attract, develop and keep the best and the brightest talent

Work makes us better people

Our jobs offer the perfect opportunity for personal growth when we are challenged, feel empowered, make use of our innate wisdom and intuition, invite in a sense of wonder and possibility, and are treated with kindness and respect.

Work and life are not separate

They do not require balancing. No longer can work and life be separated as if we’re forced to choose one over the other. We must choose both. In order to choose both we need new definitions, approaches and techniques for creating a fulfilling and happy life.

human beings make best employees

And the best employees bring their souls to work with them every day. They lead with love, they practice vulnerability and they have the courage to stretch themselves and their teams into new and uncertain territory to further the success of the company and themselves.

Work is AN expression of self

Work isn’t simply a paycheck. When we show up to work as our complete and authentic self, we are more confident, more creative more passionate, and more productive. We must get to know ourselves intimately in order to be our best possible selves.


The best and brightest want to be really good at their job. But no longer does good = time + effort.

Corporate Soul exists to empower organizations across America to inspire their employees to bring their souls to work and be the best they can possibly be – to be MORE: happy, confident and successful




Heart-full and vulnerable, Melissa inspires audiences to explore interesting topics not normally discussed in corporate environments such as love, vulnerability, the soul, and of course her signature talk, "Why Less is never really MORE." Her infectious curiosity inspires audiences of all sizes to explore and expand their comfort zones and create a life of MORE at work and home. 


SOUL:print is Corporate Soul's signature workshop. Personal branding meets self-empowerment inspires employees to explore the fullest expression of who they are, who they can be, and the value they can contribute to the organization. 

MORE:imagination is Corporate Soul's one-of-a-kind brainstorm session perfect for teams interested in a more creative brainstorming process that capitalizes on the creative process to inspire individuals to take their imaginations further and produce truly original ideas.

Soulful Management is a customized course for managers. Being a manager is probably one of the hardest positions within a company because you must manage up and down, plus focus on your own projects. We work with you to customize a program that will empower your managers to step into inspiring leadership roles focusing on the three most important tools often overlooked in most organizations: wellbeing, wonder, and wisdom. 


We have a saying at MoreSeekers, "seekers need seekers." Often times what we need in order to be our best, to do our best work and be a good human in the process, new tools and techniques when the current ones aren't living up to our expectations, someone with an outside alternative perspective who can really help us see the opportunities that we're often blinded to, and often times we need someone to listen so we can sort through our challenges in a safe and supported environment.

In our one-on-one coaching engagements, we work with employees at all levels to help them navigate their current challenges, see potential challenges and envision real opportunities. Our specialty is in ensuring the best and the brightest have the personal support and accountability they need to continue on a trajectory of personal growth and success. 


MoreSeekers removes our robotic-ness and forces human interaction at an extremely deep level. I love what I have learned and apply it to everyone I work with. It’s made me more loyal to SHI as a company and helps me reach out to other reps to offer advice or help before they seek me out. Before, I wouldn’t have the confidence to do that.

Ashley, SHI 2015 Top Gun Participant

The passion that Melissa brought every single day was unlike something I had ever seen from someone before. Her ability to connect with everyone and teach us how to sincerely pretend was extremely valuable, especially on a personal level. I feel like I learned so much about myself – I don’t think I have ever spent so much time thinking introspectively.

Vinny, SHI 2014 Top Gun Participant

I got the training and growth I desired, but I also gained overall confidence and personal growth. A lot of which was from “getting out of my comfort zone”. 

– Richard, SHI 2014 Top Gun Partcipant

[MoreSeekers] changed outlook on who I am, how I want to live, and what really matters to me. Knowing myself has made me more fearless and tireless at work. I understand now that taking care of and understanding myself has been crucial and impactful in making me a good employee.

Goli, SHI 2015 Top Gun Participant

When I think of MoreSeekers I just think of Mel constantly asking us “what is your MORE?” and “what do you want MORE of?” I think just asking that question completely changes the way you look at your job, the people in your life, and just your life overall. MoreSeekers showed me that I can be in control of my life and if something is not fulfilling me the way I want it to, I can always seek MORE.

– Isabel, SHI 2015 Top Gun Participant

Plenty of Leadership or Sales Leadership classes can talk about the “how to’s” or best practices. Not many programs help individuals to dig deep into their souls to discover the How, the Why and the More! Melissa was able through the time we spent together to feel out the emotion of the room and take our group and myself to where we needed to go to find the “AHA” that we didn’t even know was missing. I am a blessed wife of 15 years with two wonderful little boys and a thriving career, I didn’t even know I had the right to ask for MORE. Thank you Melissa for allowing me to dream BIG and go after the MORE I deserve! 

– Jennifer, One:One Leadership Client


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