So much in popular culture is about acquiring, possessing, and owning we’ve forgotten about the true essence of havinggiving and receiving. The ancient wisdom of the Law of Karma explains in order to receive what we would like, we must to be willing to give the same. The first step is giving your desire, what you really want, to the rest of the world. 

The second step, the gracious act of receiving, is often much more difficult even though it sounds rather simple. Receiving is tricky because this is where our deepest barriers to getting what we want come into play – less, lack, limits, self-worth, and our desire for control. This requires conscious daily, even momentary, practice of opening, inviting, allowing, surrendering and accepting. 


MORE is not ever something that will be mastered, instead it’s a beautiful practice that goes deeper everyday with much to learn and more to give; the never-ending unfolding of the amazing creation of a life lived MORE.