Come closer. It's time to seek out an inspired vision, one that pulls you forward into possibility, grace and beauty.

Yes. That's it. Even closer.

And breathe. Breathe into the spirit of MORE, let it enrich, expand, and enliven your heart, mind and soul.

Together we'll step into a wakeful dream adventure filled with peace, faith, truth, power, health, love, joy, and freedom. 

This is your chance to paint your world with your desires, dreams and ambitions... 

and let MORE find you - right here, always and everywhere.



MoreSeekers is a lifestyle concept named for the people it was created for – the seeker who pursues MORE because it moves them forward, ignites their imagination, nourishes them from the inside out, creates new opportunities, and most importantly makes them feel alive, whole and complete. 

Passionately crafted for the one who wants to be, live, do and have MORE; the one who goes to bed each night grateful for what they have today and yet wakes up eager, hungry, and ready for the promise and possibilities of the new day. MoreSeekers simply invite MORE into their lives, the kind of MORE of that sets the heart, soul, and mind on fire with love, enthusiasm and brilliance.

MoreSeekers is a celebration of the beautiful and powerful pursuit of MORE. And it's been designed specifically for you dear MoreSeeker.

Devoted to guiding you to wake up to your desires and fulfill your ambitions, MoreSeekers ignites the sweet sensation of coming alive and entices you to discover who you are and what makes you feel whole and complete, we'll share our favorite practices, provisions, and adornments for living this amazing life – epic adventures, practical ideas, inspiring conversations, learning opportunities that will blow your mind and open your heart, and a few exquisite handpicked items that simply just make you feel MORE.

It's our pleasure and mission to provide you with everything you need to realize, become, live…MORE.