More, please

This is dedicated to those who've lost their lives as a result of fear.

This is my rally cry. 

My plea. 

My prayer. 

For world peace.

I believe scarcity is our greatest obstacle to world peace. Connection our answer. I've realized I cannot connect with you until I connect with myself. Intimately know myself. Passionately love myself.

I have learned I am fabulous, amazing, awesome. Despite all my flaws. And so are you.  I believe world peace is possible when we realize, and live, this truth. The more we truly are.

The Artist

I’ve been listening to “The Hits/B-Sides” on shuffle and repeat ever since I heard. Memories of road trips, kisses, bad 80’s hair, and late night dance parties. Every song reached in and touched my life. He fired up my senses, my sensuality, my sexy. His music guided me closer to myself. The minute a Prince song fills the airwaves, watch out because I just can’t help myself – turn it up, gyrate, jiggle, and sing at the top of my lungs.

Packing the 2016 Backpack

Cheryl Strayed's, Wild, has me rethinking how to approach the new year. My wish is for your 2016, just like mine, is for the pak you pack to be filled with what’s really essential, what’s truly needed, to have the courage to leave behind all that weighs you down and holds you back from what you are absolutely capable–which is a whole lot more than you think–and to leave plenty of room for the miraculous that's sure to pass you by if you're already to overloaded. 

The Spaces In-between

In the past few weeks since saying goodbye to Pancho, I’ve discovered something MORE. A truly amazingly beautiful space, one I've affectionately come to call “the space in between.” The void created between stopping and starting, old and new, death and rebirth, then and now, up and down, you and me. Those gaps that are always present yet I barely notice, nor often give my precious attention. Do you know the ones? Between moments, between people? The seemingly blank space that exists like hallways between the close of one door and the opening of another.

Let it be OK

All too often we evaluate and judge every single move we make, comparing it to what we think we should have done or ought to be doing. We let other's opinions influence how we think, how we feel and the way we act. 

What if we just let everything in this moment be OK, be exactly as it should be, without making it right or wrong, good or bad, happy or sad? This is your permission slip to let this moment be exactly the way it is, blemishes and all. 

The Art of Being + Doing

The concept of "being" can seem so foreign. Doing seems to take over because doing is what’s rewarded, revered, admired. Doing is what we’re used to. Constant motion. Do do do do do. And honestly, “being” can seem so altogether unnatural that opting for “doing” becomes the nice, easy default, providing a sense of effortlessness, even in the face of some pretty massive effort.

And yet, what I've come to realize is being and doing do not sit on either end of a spectrum, as we perhaps might have come to believe. But rather they are part of one big process. A continuous circle where each inspires, feeds, and excites the other, equally and importantly. A practice of living and having, of wholeness and completeness, of being lost and totally present. All at the same time and in the same place.

Living in Paradise – Remembering Pancho

The blackboard in my favorite coffee shop over the last few days has asked, "What do you think Paradise is like?"

This question was asked of Johnny Cash, to which he replied, “This morning with her, having coffee.”

Johnny's response reminded me so often we let the simple, even seemingly mundane moments slip by our awareness, lost in the hustle of the day, drowned out by the noise of yesterday and our desires for tomorrow. When in fact they are the most important, because they are actually the ones that make up our own personal paradisiacal existence.

Each day I spent with Pancho was a day lived in Paradise. And come to think of it, each day for the rest of my life will be as well. Because he wiggled his way in, he gave me a ball, he gave me his heart, he trusted me with his life, and he taught me how to love.