More is seeking you (a poem)

Photo: James Lucas

Photo: James Lucas

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More is abundance, your personal sense of fulfillment

A feeling of gratitude for what you have today

And a hunger for the adventure of tomorrow

A desire. An ascension. A rising up.

A state of being, a way of living, a loving act of creation. A gift.

Believe. Ask. Receive.


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More is in and out. It is up. It is down. Above. Below. All around.

Expansion and contraction

Yes and No.

Tenderness and fierceness, determination and love

Light. Dark. Gloriously Golden.

All and everything that is possible, in this moment

Peace. LOVE. Freedom.


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More is letting go, making space

Surrendering, loosening the grip, softening the effort

Releasing, and at the same time refusing… to be empty

It cleanses while it enriches, while it enlivens

Adding on. Filling up. Inviting in.


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More is an inside job, not an outside conquest

More will never be a limit, it does not whisper to tell you you’re not enough, nor does it ever shout exclaiming there isn’t enough

And it is never ever an aching desperation from lack

Feelings of guilt, shame, or selfishness may bark and growl, loudly

Know this is not MORE, for MORE has more to give

Gaze inward. Radiate your desire. There is more to be.


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More is a practice requiring practice

Faith. Truth. Power. Health. Love. Joy.

A daily ritual, a twist of fate, a sign you were meant to follow

A simple breath, a walk with the dog, the wind in your hair

More is a front row parking spot

And realizing your deepest, most outrageous aspiration

Pure. Bliss. Happy.


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MORE is anything and everything the world has to offer

Therefore MORE will ask, “What do you really want? Are you willing?

To risk, journey, create, extend beyond

Wild freedom asking you to bear your soul

Take the challenge. Go deeper. Open wider. Shine and show in full color

Tested. Heart pounding. Ecstasy. Pulled, into magic.

Create. Fly. Celebrate.


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And MORE is seeking you. Patiently, quietly, intensely waiting for you.

Decide, align and declare.

Raw. Innocent. Open. Enthusiastic.

Be clear. Be ready. Be that which you dream.

MORE will always find you.