Super Moon reminds us MORE is an inside job


I’ve been super enthralled with the moon as of late and feeling particularly connected to Mama Killa, Q’ero for Mother Moon (the language of the high Andes Indians). It’s no wonder I feel her affects strongly, I’ve realized I’m no different than the ocean or any other body of water since I too am made mostly of water.

I’ve begun to take notice of the mysterious affect she has on me, and with the arrival of the full moon today, September 8, I’ve already begun to feel her affects, finding myself welling up with tears often, and at the same time feeling an intense happiness like never before. If you’ve been feeling highly emotional or maybe the feeling of pain or suffering seems to be surfacing, this Super Moon could be your answer.

Intense emotions seem to be one of the special gifts of this Harvest Super Moon. It seems tomorrow’s full moon is rather special. It is the last of three Super Moons of the year, and also being the Harvest Moon which always brings especially powerful gifts with her (think harvesting the bounty of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) – it’s kind of like this amazingly beautiful Double WHAMMY!

The intense emotions many astrologers are touting with this Super Moon can’t be denied for sure, but I especially like this MoreSeeker, Kelly Rosano’s, take on this special astrological event:

The Pisces Moon is in a harmonious energy flow with Saturn and Pluto. This can open the door to greater abundance in your life…The abundant life includes love, joy and well-being…We also need to feel strong and effective. This requires self-mastery.
Be the captain of your ship. Be the master of your destiny. Your power lies in how you take care of you. You want to love your Self more than the need for other people’s approval. Otherwise, you are giving your power away to forces outside of you. People and situations that you have no control over, this makes you feel bad about yourself.
When you live from the outside, you can end up at the mercy of other people. Lost and confused. This is the dark side of Pisces. When you are empowered, you live from your authentic self, from the inside-out. You are proactive. You are empowered. You are using your resources wisely…

Can I get a “Hell YES!” on that one?

This so perfectly connects to the central premise of what the MoreSeeker idea of “if you can be it, you can have it” really means – MORE is an inside job. We must emanate it from the core of our being rather than striving to make ourselves whole with something from the outside.

Because I’ve come to learn first hand, when we do the work to open our heart, connect to our intuition, to root down into our soul and lift up to our Spirit or Higher Self – when all of that is firing on all cylinders – the essence of our true authentic Self shines brighter and more beautiful than ever before, just like the Harvest Super Moon.

So definitely feel the feelings and let them roll in and roll out just as the massive tides will over the next few days. But also take the time to reflect on how you can be the master of your own destiny. Perhaps there are places you know you are giving away your power and you can use this Super Moon to connect more deeply to your sense of Being, to your true essence, to your own special cocktail of faith, truth, power, health, love and joy.

Because it is rumored the Equinox is bringing “change” with it, I’m definitely feeling a desire to tap into this Super Moon to amp up my self-empowerment and connect more deeply with my authentic truth. For the first time I’m going to put into practice what I’m calling my “Super Dupper September Reset Button” - sort of a back to "life" school kind of thing. I’m dedicating these first two weeks of September to reconnecting with my dreams, with what I really want, and doing it from the inside out rather than setting extrinsic goals that require driving, striving and muscling to achieve – this girl just can’t take any more of that and it’s time to activate my sense of Being, time to turn up my natural magnetism, so to speak. This all as a result of some beautiful revelations I’ve had on my yoga mat during my 40-days of Yoga experience (today marks day 31). I’ll spill all the details, the how-to’s and the process starting tomorrow so you can play too.

For now, I wish you a beautiful, heart-felt Super Moon experience, one that opens the door to greater abundance in your life and delivers you the gift of being the Captain of your own ship. And if you’re looking for more information on the Super Moon, I highly suggest Mystic Mamma for their insightful perspective and wealth of astral insights.

Double High 5’s + MORE:love,