Kindness is MAGIC!

I love this quote by the author and compassion advocate, Karen Armstrong. Not only because it's true, because for some reason those words reached down and touched my soul and reminded me  of one of my most important roles as a human – to be kind.

These are the words that inspired this month's MoreSeeker feature, "Share MORE:kindness". At the heart of MoreSeekers is the radical concept that when we are intent on being, the more we want will actually find us – BE|LIVE|DO|HAVE

This is what I work at every day because I find it so easy to forget about the "being" when I feel the pressure of the doing and the having. Modern day life just seems to have this crazy affect of picking you up and whirling you around, making it really easy for me to lose sight of what matters. And every once in a while, I feel like it's really nice when I get a gentle little reminder of what's actually important, of what really and truly needs my attention.

I've noticed there are few things in life that have the ability to touch me as deeply as kindness. I believe kindness is one of our most amazing and powerful gifts. Sometimes I'm so taken aback by a person’s generousity, their willingness to help, the energy that radiates from their simple smile, a smile so sweet, so bright that it seems to touch me in such a way my whole entire day shifts with that single simple gesture. And it reminds me that I too have this power, this amazing gift and I have the ability to give it freely and generously.

Because of this, I believe kindness is the magic we are all so desperately seeking. It has the ability to change everything, instantaneously. It doesn’t have to be big or grand or over the top. Even the most simple and sweet offerings can carry the ostensible and real potential of radical transformation.

And what I'm constantly amazed by is that kindness always, always comes from the heart, even when it's driven by "should" and "have to" or even selfishness, the gesture, the words, the offering are somehow generated from deep within us, from our greater self – no grandiose purpose or intention required. It's that part of ourself, no matter what our intention that simply knows it must be given, and received.

I often wonder if without this beautiful yet simple quality could we ever feel the true essence of Love? Kindness, at least for me, seems to be at the heart of all of Love, the root that grounds it and allows it to grow. For me kindness is where all love blossoms. Without the gift of kindness I wonder if we would actually be so moved, so touched, if we would actually be able to understand the meaning of the Golden Rule, the rule that seems to be at the heart of our existence, driving our humanity.

Which is why I'm so pleased to bring to you, "Share MORE:kindness" for the entire month of February. Each week we'll direct our kindness in a different direction, beginning with a focus on giving ourselves this beautiful gift of kindness. After that we'll direct our attention to those who fill our lives, then to the planet and Mother Nature, and then finally, in our final week, we'll put our kindness muscle to the test and see if simple little acts can have even a wider and deeper affect.

It's super simple to play along. All you have to do is SIGN UP, and each day during the month of February you'll receive a little MORE:kindness in your inbox in the form of inspiration, ideas, and maybe even a little challenge or two. And if you decide to play along it would be so great if you'd share your acts of kindness with us and the rest of the world by using #morekindness on your favorite social network. 

I'm so excited to see how much kindness we can all generate together! And from the bottom of my heart, thank you, for your willingness and desire to bring just a little bit MORE to everyone around you!

With MORE:love,