The world is what we make it

I can't help myself, I've always loved commercials, especially during the Super Bowl. I loved that many of the spots took on a different flavor this year appealing to the new cultural imperatives of storytelling and inspiration. A few of my personal favorites were Nissan, Toyota, Weight Watchers, with special props going to Nissan for bringing back the art of the story in their "Dad" spot. 

It looks like MoreSeekers and Coca-Cola have something in common this year – our desire to shift our attention, awareness and behaviors from darkness and hatred to a bright, happy and kind. They speak the truth, the world is what we make it. Hatred begets more hatred, but the reverse is true as well. What would happen if we all shared just a little more happiness, just a little more kindness to each other?

And their idea and efforts don't just stop at a beautiful commercial. Coca-Cola has created an absolutely beautiful website committed to shifting negativity into positivity by making it possible for you to "Happify" a tweet simply by using #makeithappy

I know Coca-Cola doesn't exactly have the best product for our waist lines, but honestly I do have to say, "Yay Coca-Cola! Thank you for being a great example of how big brands can, and must, be dedicated to something bigger than selling their products and delivering shareholder value." No matter how much we love them or hate them, big brands do have the power to actually deliver consumer value in the form of living their beliefs and their purpose in order to make a positive impact on something other than their bottom line. 

What do you think of Coca-Cola's efforts? I'd love to hear your thoughts and reactions below. And here's to everyone spreading a little #morekindness this February.

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