MORE for you on my birthday!

All the world’s a birthday cake, so take a piece...
— George Harrison

I've been looking forward to this day (which is actually tomorrow, January 10), which is a new thing for me because I've never really liked celebrating it, especially since I turned 30. For some reason turning 30 was particularly traumatic - in fact I spent 4-days curled up in a ball crying that year because I didn't want to be old

But this year is different. Waaaaay different. I actually feel younger than I did when I was 30. I think I can honestly attribute this "foundation of youth" to this new found practice of living a life of MORE and I couldn't be more grateful for what it's taught me and continues to teach me each and everyday.

So instead of being focused on what I don't want (to be old) or what I want less of (the weird wrinkle that's appeared in the last year between my eyebrows) I'm now focused on the MORE I absolutely want. So for this trip around the sun my desire, my deepest heartfelt intent, for MORE is to help as many MoreSeekers realize their desires, their dreams, their ambitions. I want to help anyone and everyone who wants to live a life of MORE learn how to *be* it, *live* it, *do* it, and *have* everything their heart desires. Sounds kind of like Disney, but it's what I want, and a girl's gotta want what she wants. 

Which is why I'm so excited for my birthday this weekend. I was trying to figure out what I could do that would help me feel the way I want to feel and accomplish this desire for this year. And then it came to me, I want to make it impossible for you to say "no" to creating your own MORE for this year.

So, this weekend through noon on January 12, I'm offering a very special gift of 33% off MORE in 2015 - A Year-Long Desire Creation & Fulfillment Experience. When you register and use BDAY2015 at check out you'll receive this experience – that I promise is going to rock your world and blow your socks off – for only $854.25!

We'll retreat Feb 6-9 at the exquisite Casa Shelter Half on Abbot Kinney where you'll not only create your desires but you'll start fulfilling them and taking the action steps necessary to make them your reality before you walk out the door. And what I think is so important is you're not cut loose to fend for yourself. For the 11 remaining months of the year we'll meet every month as a group for 90-minutes to learn new tricks and tips, I'll do some laser coaching and we'll all offer up our support to ensure we all receive the MORE we want for 2015. (I'm so giddy with excitement to share all the amazing techniques, I can hardly stand it).

The party only lasts until noon on Monday, January 12, and space is limited to only 25 people so don't take too long to RSVP!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing this very special weekend with me! It means the world to me you have chosen to be a part of this amazing community of seekers!

May your weekend filled with MORE - beauty, peace, and celebration!

With MORE:love,