The Art of Being + Doing

Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

This concept of “being” has been hitting me from a million different directions lately. Some have come as more subtle nudges, others more direct and powerful punches. All of them reminding me this concept is so so so important to our current modern day lives. Connecting with your core, your soul, and allowing it to shine, to move you forward, in a state of inviting rather than striving.

And yet it’s so foreign. Doing seems to take over because doing is what’s rewarded, revered, admired. Doing is what we’re used to. Constant motion. Do do do do do. And honestly, “being” can seem so altogether unnatural that opting for “doing” becomes the nice, easy default, providing a sense of effortlessness even in the face of some pretty massive effort.

As I’ve spent the last week remembering Pancho and honoring myself – going through the process I must go through to become whole and complete with the fact he’s not here to share lunch with, snuggle up to, nor enjoy a leisurely morning stroll – this tug between “being” and “doing” has been ever present and completely profound. 

I find myself sitting and just being. Being with the memories, being with the emotions, being with a new kind of normal. Almost as if I’m some big container being emptied and simultaneous filled up as I simply allow my heart to beat, to feel the sorrow and joy, all completely and totally at once. Giving myself the space to always be his mama, while also moving forward.

And at the same time I have this immense pull to get busy. Not for busy-ness sake but to do something. To make something. To contribute. New projects and wild ideas are percolating, aching desires to finish projects already started, an urge to do, to take action.

It’s strange, and yet makes total sense. What I realized is it’s possible to hold these two seemingly opposite states, being and doing, together at the same time and they are not at all opposite. Actually far from opposite. 

Being and doing do not sit on either end of a spectrum, as we perhaps might have come to believe. But rather they are part of one big process. A continuous circle where each inspires, feeds, and excites the other, equally and importantly. A practice of living and having, of wholeness and completeness, of being lost and totally present. All at the same time and in the same place.

I have come to discover you cannot have one without the other. Our “being-ness” is very much influenced, almost taught, and inspired by our “doing-ness”. We meditate, we learn, we breath, we discover, we experience, we move with purpose. All things we consciously and unconsciously “do” to usher in and bring us into connection with our self. Into being. 

And conversely, our being-ness directs, guides and facilitates our actions, how we move forward, the steps we take. Moving from an inner center, from the core of who we are.

Being and doing are both matters of the heart, the soul, the self. Moving from this aligned and harmonious place. And having the simple awareness of when you’re not. It’s knowing, being conscious of how you “tick”, what brings you alive, and what you truly need for that aliveness to be what you experience more often than not. In both the being and the doing.

Many times we get caught up in believing we need to choose one or the other, or we try to strike the right balance between the two. It’s not a matter of balancing or choosing. Balance is a wicked fallacy anyway. Be. Then do. Then be some more. Then do again. Allow each to inform, expand, enliven the other. 

Don’t forget you are human. We need both being and doing. Might you have the tendency to place an overemphasis on doing? Absolutely. Can the opposite be true, where you can become overly engrossed in being. You bet. Don’t forget it’s all simply a matter of energy. A matter of focus. Overemphasis of one is simply a tell tale sign your head has crashed the party. Simply reconnect to your heart, your soul, your self, your center and start again.  

I realize all of this might sound a little lofty and perhaps even somewhat, or even a lot, esoteric. At the very least I hope it’s somewhat inspiring or at least has caused you to take a look at where you are now, where your tendencies lie. 

So how about a little practicality too? A little “how to” so you can see this “being + doing” thing in action.


First, GRATITUDE. Of utmost importance, it’s all about GRATITUDE. So take a minute, maybe even several, and finish this thought… 

“In this moment I am grateful for…” 

Don’t think about it. JUST BE GRATEFUL. Let your heart be the intelligence. Be thankful for where you’ve been, who you’ve been, who you are, what you have and where you are right now in this moment, right here, right now.

Let your heart fill up with this sense of gratitude. No thinking required. Just feel. Let it explode like firecrackers inside you.

Next, INTENT. Set an INTENT. Intend for your desire. Let it bubble up from inside your soul and out through your heart. Intend for who you are becoming, what you want, what you’re in the process of realizing but haven’t quite yet manifested. Be ever so grateful for that desire. Intent is a heart-felt desire for what is possible, for the potential of what is yet to come. 

Being grateful and creating the act of intent, all at the same time, is where the true magic can happens. MORE comes into view, it comes to life. We feel connected. We no longer worry about what we don’t have but rather appreciate where we are, and at the same time have faith what we want is coming. We create a beautiful collaboration for possibility.

Being + Doing = Human Potential. 

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