Clean slates, fresh starts, freedom and an opportunity for powerful creation

Photo: Katharina Young

Photo: Katharina Young

As some of you know, I've been absolutely loving quantum physics as of late and I'm a total believer in the idea that, "We're all made of star stuff," as Neil deGrasse so poignantly expressed. And so it should then be no surprise that I can kind of get gaga, like a kid in a candy store, over astrology, and stargazing, and the celestial happenings that seem to have this awesome affect on us. 

This week I'm especially gaga because we have a trifecta of all celestial happenings tomorrow, March 20. In fact, trusted astrologers the world over like Pam Younghans and Sarah Vargas are calling this, "The most powerful week of 2015," and "The most intense day of the year." 

Not to fret, it's all amazing and really really good stuff! I literally feel like the Universe is serving us up a clean slate. It's like freshly tilled soil ready to be planted with new beautiful flowers, baby birds taking flight for the first time. It's time for us to live the freedom we've so desperately been working to create! I get the chills thinking about all the amazing possibilities just waiting for us on the other side of darkened moon!

Here's what's happening in a nutshell:

Super New Moon + Full Eclipse + Spring Equinox = Stellar Spring Cleaning

Pam Younghans says we might call this a "pivot point" or a "choice point", a key time to let go of the old limiting beliefs, addictive behaviors, negative thoughts, past worries, and instead choose to dream and vision, taking advantage of new options, making the decision to create something new. It's an opportunity to free yourself from the regret, sorrow, and shame of what I like to call the "could've, should've, would've" and the "what the heck did I do's." Who doesn't need a little of that?

This is a time of major endings and powerful new beginnings. Our intuitions are especially sensitive. Trust your instincts, go with what *feels* good. Insights are abundant and ripe for the picking if allow ourselves to tune in and listen. 

This beautiful trifecta is also a time to launch our heart felt intents in a powerful way, and ask ourselves the always important question, "What do you want?" Because of the power behind these three celestial happenings it will be important to be extremely clear, be specific, taking care in what you ask for, and how you ask. This is an excellent time to make sure you're asking for MORE, rather than falling back into old habits of focusing on less, lack, limits and what we don't want. 

So, how do you take advantage of this amazing, powerful celestial energy, and harness it for your new beginnings and opportunities. Here's a few ideas to inspire you:

  1. Start something. Has there been something you've been dying to try or do? Maybe a meditation practice, journaling, writing, painting, taking a dance class, CrossFit, or even channeling your inner Bob Dylan. Don't forget to check out MoreSeekers partnership with #MOMA100days, a fabulous way to start taking action on your passions, hobbies and dreams!
  2. Perform a ceremony or ritual. I find making a big deal out of letting go and inviting in the new super helpful. What could you do to help you wash away the old and ignite the new (washing and igniting are symbolic of the sun's movement from Pisces to Aries)? Take a bath and then sit by a fire, watch your old beliefs wash down the drain and allow the fire to ignite your new desires. 
  3. Meditate and Pray. I honestly just recently started my own mediation and prayer practice and I have to say it's really amazing! They say prayer is your opportunity to ask God/Universe/Creator for what it is you'd like, and meditation is your chance to listen to and receive what it would like to give you. Deepak Chopra and Oprah just started their free 21-day meditation challenge all about success (that feels like it fits nicely) and I find Tosha Silver's advice on prayer to be extremely helpful! 
  4. Or maybe get down and dirty and really practical with your "spring cleaning". Clear out your inbox, wipe your desktop clean, let go of anything old that is just simply taking up space and is no longer useful. Maybe create a new eating plan that will help you shed that unwanted bulge. I've always been amazed at how making space in my physical world can have such profound changes in my emotional, mental and spiritual world! 

The one thing I would say is this, take advantage of this awesome and opportunistic time. It certainly can't hurt and the rewards could be greater than you ever dreamed! 

Make amends. Set your heart-felt intent. Look forward. Seriously, it's really that easy.

Something new is waiting for all of us, let's seize the opportunity, let's plant new seeds in the fertile ground and like Mary Mary Quite Contrary, watch our beautiful gardens grow and flourish! 

With MORE:love,