Harnessing the power of spring

It's SPRING! And as I mentioned before it's absolutely, positively one of my favorite seasons – the old making way for the new, fresh and full of possibilities, with everything being given an opportunity to rejuvenate and create something, including you and me.

While I've always loved spring, for some reason this one feels especially palpable. Can you feel it too? I'm not sure if it was the Cosmic Trifecta on Friday or just where I happen to be in my life, but this spring I just feel like I've been given a special injection of vitality, desire, and ambition. 

And at the same time, I also I have to confess I've just recently become aware of the amazing impact the change of seasons can have on our energy. When the power of spring hit on Friday, I realized there have been so many springs I've let slip by. Spring seems to melt into summer and then suddenly I lift my head and it's September, and I'm left wondering where I've been, struggling to recall what I've actually accomplished, and left dumbfounded by how quickly the time has passed. 

So, I'm dedicating this first full week of spring to harnessing its amazing energy. And I thought maybe, if you were feeling it too, you might want to play along and try a little experiment with me. Game?

This week's blog posts will all be devoted to setting the stage and creating the opportunities for all of us to plant some beautiful gardens (metaphorically speaking). Gives me the goosebumps just thinking about what's possible! I'm excited to see what gets to happen when we take advantage of this amazing natural power, that I know I've taken for granted for far too long.

So, let's begin.


As with any garden, creating a beautiful life of your dreams requires a little preparation and clean-up. We must remove the old growth, weed out the unnecessary and undesired, as well as turning over the soil to revitalize and rejuvenate. It's really hard to grow new roots when they first must get through all the gunk and mess of left over from past ideas, thoughts, and habits.

Spring ushers in the energy of letting go, making space, and organizing – in every single area of life. My mom wasn't a big "cleaner" and I don't ever remember doing an official "spring cleaning". And my advertising days left me with the feeling that "spring cleaning" was a bit of a cliche used by brands like the Container Store and Swiffer to convince you of what you needed.

So recently, I took the plunge and dove into the depths of the unknown in my closet. I filtered and weeded and dug deep to see what was lurking in there that probably hadn't seen the light of day in maybe years. I found tops I wouldn't be caught dead in now, and dresses with the tags still on just waiting for that one special occasion that never seemed to come.

With every item removed, donated, and cleaned out, I literally felt new energy. And there was something I hadn't seen nor felt in a long time... SPACE. It was suddenly obvious what I really needed, and what I actually really wanted, which totally surprised me. It wasn't what I typically bought – amazing statement pieces – what I wanted and needed were "staples" like great fitting white t-shirts! 

So yes, taking on traditional "spring cleaning" and creating space in your "physical" spaces – closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets, underneath the sink, the garage, your storage unit, the trunk of your car – is a really great place to start. You'll notice when you start removing items, deciding what needs to be trashed, donated or handed down, you realize what you really need, and more important what you really want.

And what about all the other places in our lives that can get cluttered, become overflowing and overburdened, or simply could use a thorough scrub down? I'm talking computer desktop, email inboxes and junk boxes, calendars, Facebook friends, to do lists, even those old habits that just don't seem to be doing you any favors. (For me it's an addiction to these gluten-free crunchy amazing Rice Chips, they get me every time, and my waistline is beginning to show it!)

When there's so much clutter in our lives, when every "container" or "bucket" is full to capacity, or getting close, there's not much room for all the new, awesome, spectacular and amazing things we actually want that will fulfill our desires. Spring calls us to literally clean house, get rid of what's no longer serving us, and simply let go of the old, tired, and overly used. 

Yes, this is my desktop!

Yes, this is my desktop!

Me? Since I did my massive closet cleaning in January, I'm getting busy with some "digital detailing", as you can see my computer desktop is a MESS! (How do I find anything?) I've been in uber creation mode and I simply haven't taken the time to organize. And I know, I absolutely know, this is blocking me from receiving some of the things I really really want – like more amazing MoreSeekers like you. 

Something else I'm going to clear is my To Do List. I was also recently reminded of the concept of "Incomplete Cycles of Action" and how not doing something you say you're going to do, not following through and completing the task, wastes emotional energy. So, I'm also clearing out my to do list. There are things I've been saying I'm going to do for months and I've prioritized other things, and they continue to sit there, uncompleted, unresolved, sucking energy. For me, this is waaaaaay harder to do than deleting files and moving items to archive because it's all stuff I really want to do. And I know this is absolutely one of the places I need to open some space in order to allow for some of the really really good stuff to flow in. In addition to my digital detailing, this week is also dedicated to following through on some key things that I've been saying I would do for what seems like forever – hello new retirement account!

How about you? What's one place that is overstuffed, filled to the gils, or making you feel guilty every time you look at it? This is the perfect time to do something about it, take some action and see what gets to happen for you when you actually make space for what you really and truly want.

I'm off to clean my desktop, and actually I'm kind of excited about it! On Wednesday, we'll plant the seeds for what we really want, and on Thursday I'll share some ideas for how to water and fertilize all that amazing new growth so your garden, come September, will be something you're awed, proud, and amazed by.

With MORE:love,