Part 2: Harnessing the power of spring

Spring! It's funny that all of a sudden the world around you can be so different – the air smells different, the birds seem to sing brighter songs, the sun feels bigger, new blooms seem to pop up everywhere, and the world just kind of seems to be intoxicated with the energy of possibility. 

Taking advantage of this awesome spring energy inspired me to invite you to join me in an experiment, a three-step process taking advantage of natures natural rhythms and processes and applying it to our own lives, creating a time and place to jump start our dreams and aspirations. Yesterday we started by making space, clearing out all the items that weren't needed or wanted any longer to create space for what we did want. So now that we have all this awesome space, what do we do next? 

Let's take step two, shall we?


Step 2: Decide What You Want

I think the best question in the history of the world is probably, "What do you want?" It's one of those questions that lands like a ton of bricks and at the same time sets your soul on fire! So rarely asked and yet so quintessential to turning desires, dreams and goals into something real and tangible. Without asking this question, without making sure the answer is clear, specific and concise, the thing you want has a really hard time making it's way to you, no matter how much space you've made for it.

This question can get interesting because it breeds more questions, specifically because our first initial answer is often times not what we really and truly want. There's usually something behind it, something deeper, something more interesting, more important, we would like to be experiencing. This deep down desire more often than not isn't something to be possessed or purchased. Our true desires, our MORE, are more likely to come in the forms of feelings, beliefs, experiences, identities, contributions, and capabilities. 

I've always been a dreamer so knowing what I wanted always came quite easily, and I know that's not the case for many of you. Through the years I've learned a few tricks for clearly articulating my desires and I wanted to share them with you because if we don't know exactly where we're going, how will we know when we've arrived? Here's simple step-by-step approach that should help you clearly articulate what exactly it is you'd like for yourself and your life.

  1. First do a gratitude rant. List out all of the things in your life you are grateful for. List as many things as you possibly can. 
  2. Now say to yourself, "I'm so blessed/lucky/fortunate, what do I want? What's the MORE that could make my life even better and more fulfilling?" 
  3. Let it sit. This isn't something you have to "figure out." Remember, "MORE is seeking you," so allow it to come to you rather than forcing the answer. It may pop-up immediately, it may take a couple of minutes, and for some a couple of days.
  4. When you receive your first answer notice if it's something you want or something you don't want. Sometimes our answer will be something like "less stress". Here's the deal, Universal Laws don't notice the "less" it simply takes note of the "stress", so be careful. As the old saying goes, "Where your attention goes, grows." So when you're focused on "stress", that's exactly what you'll get. If your first answer is actually something you don't want, reframe it and see if you can phrase it as something you do want, like more calm, peace, ease. 
  5. Write it down. Often times writing it down all of your answers gives you a different perspective, being able to see your thoughts in front of you helps your brain make connections, see opportunities and eliminate dead ends.
  6. Continue to make a list. 
  7. Review your list and see what grabs you, what jumps out at you, what specifically on your list moves you and makes you say, "I really want that!"
  8. Now get curious. Why do you want this specific thing? What will have it do for you? If you received it, how would it make you feel? Pay particular attention to your feelings. Do this for all the things on your short list
  9. Keep asking until you feel it. There will come a point when all of a sudden a word, a thought, a phrase will trigger you – you might giggle, cry, sigh, jump for joy, get a pit in your stomach. It's all good. All signs you've more than likely hit gold.
  10. Notice if there are any themes, similarities, commonalities that might connect your short list together. Do they "ladder up" to something bigger, grander, MORE?
  11. Pick 1-5 and write them down, placing them in a location you can easily see them as you move through your day. At the end of the day notice which ones are lingering, which ones move you, which ones are building energy inside of you.  

Once you've determine what it is you'd like, these desires become the seeds that will help you manifest your dreams, and help you create your life of MORE. 

Quick note #1: If what you discover you really really want is maybe a new car, something material and physical, because yours keeps breaking down and it's draining your bank account, your time and energy, or maybe you'd like a piece of jewelry because it's a way you can reward yourself for your recent promotion. Then I say, "Hell YES!" It's awesome to want material possessions. We live in a society where these are important because they are a way we self-express, as well as function in this world. And being able to identify the "why" we want them is important, giving us greater understanding of who we are and who we want to become. All good, go for it! 

Quick note #2: I realize sometimes this process brings up old outdated messages, limiting beliefs and thoughts that can make you feel guilty, shameful, or greedy not only about what you want, but make you squirm because you're simply entertaining the idea. I've totally been there!

When we want MORE we stimulate our soul's desire to evolve. Yes, our small selves will be triggered, and that's OK because it's just trying to make sure we're safe. This is why it's important to ground ourselves in what we're grateful for and why we go deeper rather than stopping at the very first thing that comes to us. It's an opportunity to get clear on what our True Self wants, and offers the opportunity to decide whether or not we're willing to make the necessary changes that will make whatever we want possible.

I've learned the last thing a MoreSeeker wants to do is settle, rather they realize their desire for MORE is rooted in an opportunity to evolve, to improve, to reinvent, to realize their full potential and become the very best version of themselves. Just like nature we need to blossom, grow deeper more expansive roots, and expand.

The flower doesn't stop at budding, so why should you? 

Tomorrow, I'll share some ideas for "watering" these desires and how we can help them grow into the MORE we know is possible.

With MORE:love,