Part 3: Harnessing the power of spring

We're coming to the end of our experiment! We've cleared and prepared. We've planted and created. Now it's time to wanter and cultivate. 

Last, but certainly not least...


Step 3: Taking Massive Action!

I've come to realize as much as I'd love for my desires and dreams to resemble succulents (drought tolerant plants that need little care), they simply will not grow and become my big gorgeous beautiful life unless I take action to care for them, especially in the very beginning after they've first been planted. 

Here are five quick and easy "Care Instructions" that might help you turn what you want, where you want to go, what you'd like to be experiencing, into your reality with ease:

  1. Write your desire as if it's already happened. Neuroscience has learned the brain can't tell the difference between past, present and future. When we frame our desires and dreams as if they've already happened, the brain begins to search for information that supports it and makes it true. 
  2. Share your desire with someone else. When we speak our desires out loud and share them with someone who will be supportive and excited for us, it takes the dream out of our heads and "out in the world", the first step to making it real. 
  3. Keep it top of mind. Write it down and put it somewhere where you'll see it every single day, maybe multiple times. A sticky note on your bathroom mirror or maybe wrapped around your credit card, change your phone or your computer wallpaper, set up an automatic email message that gets sent to you every single day, change your password. The more your desire is front and center, the more it's tangible and real 
  4. Ask yourself, "What's the very first thing that MUST happen that will set my desire, my MORE, in motion?" This is something so simple, so easy, something that takes maybe 5 minutes at tops. It's almost as if your MORE had an a knob and all you did was turn it to "on". 
  5. Now do the next thing. What's the next simple thing you can do in order to continue moving towards realizing your desire. Again, it's simple, easy, and doesn't take a ton of effort on your part. Great! Now keep going just like this.

And the last thing I would say, keep going. Throw everything you've got at it, and then MORE. Don't give up unless you've exhausted every effort, every option, every opportunity. Try not to get distracted by the next shiny object. Stay the course. Revel in the daily waterings. It is these daily steps, while sometimes boring and monotonous, that will create the big, bold and beautiful. I promise! 

If you're looking for a way to stay disciplined and dedicated throughout the summer, I encourage you to visit #MOMA100days. MoreSeekers is proud to join Elle Luna and MOMA in this awesome 100 day project. I'm committing to writing for 100 days and will be sharing my journey on Instagram if you'd like to follow. Is there a passion or hobby or desire you'd like to practice and turn into reality? What could you make in 100 days? Click HERE to learn MORE>

Thank you for joining me in this experiment, I hope it refreshed your desires as much as it did mine. For me, it allowed me to re-envision MoreSeekers. On Monday I'll be announcing a new format for the blog and give you a peek under the tent of what's to come as the spring gradually gives way to summer. 

For now, let's just let it all to soak in, let our desires take root, and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful time of year. 

With MORE:love,