Sometimes you need a "come to Jesus"

Do you ever have one of those moments where either a friend or even a voice inside of you rises up and basically knocks some sense into you?

These are what I call "come to Jesus" moments. They are moments of such raw truth they leave you stunned and amazed. And even though they sting, sometimes pretty intensely, you intuitively know you absolutely needed it, often wishing it would've come sooner. I believe these moments are the breaking points for my true Self, my soul, when it gets sick and tired of me dragging my feet, playing it safe, doing too much thinking to "figuring it out", and swirling around in circles of nonsense. A "come to Jesus" is a "soul sit-down",  a quintessential, tough love conversations that wakes you up and basically changes everything. 

I've been lucky, or stubborn, enough to have had three of these in the last three weeks. All different, building one upon the other. All very needed. All in the form of a simple, profound question. 

First, I need to give you just a little bit of background as this all has important implications for you.

Since I was struck with the idea for MoreSeekers I've been on a quest to ensure whatever I created and delivered for you was not only smart, extremely inspiring and helpful, but was also beautiful. Every thought vetted, every word carefully chosen, every image designed to evoke a feeling of being free, open, full, and alive. And still, even with all this love, desire and attention, I've always felt as if there was something missing. What it was I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but something's been missing. Something so pivotal, so simple, so important I could feel it, sense it, but couldn't for the life of me put what that something was into words.

And so I set out on a quest to discover that missing piece. I attended workshops, saw mediums, had my charts read, researched, brainstormed with friends, and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. My search for clarity resulted in even more confusion, an overwhelming feeling of desperation, and even a split moment where I almost threw in the towel and gave up. Almost.

And then, in that moment of seriously considering giving up... BOOM BOOM BOOM. One "come to Jesus" conversation right after another. Sometimes we really do need to rise from the ashes.

The first "come to Jesus" was delivered by a new friend and an amazing business coach, Lynan Saperstein whom I'd asked for help and advise. In perfect Lynan-style she went to the core, simply and plainly asking, "What is MoreSeeker's selling?" 

I was stunned. I felt like she hit the bulls-eye, right in the center of my heart. I actually didn't know how to answer her. Here I was a brand expert and I hadn't answered this important question about my own brand.

Ah-ha #1: We can't expect to have all the answers. Even experts need coaches and guides to help us see our blind spots. When we're so deep into the trenches it's really hard to see what we've missed and ask the tough questions necessary to create forward momentum towards what we want. 

The second "come to Jesus" came from my soul in the light of a full moon. As I lay perfectly awake, not stirring nor frustrated by the lack of sleep, I heard a rather determined and stern voice say, "When will you stop hiding, come out from behind the curtain and give this thing everything you've got?" 

Truth! I have been hiding. I've been hiding behind the curtain of "I can't figure this out." I realized I've been so afraid of someone judging me, judging the deep belief I have in the idea that MORE is the key to everything. And as a result I've been unfair to all of you, and to MoreSeekers, because I've been holding back, hiding behind the shadows of my perfection and curiosity, allowing my limiting belief that I had to "figure it out" stopping me. I was reminded we often need someone to call us out on our excuses, our fear.

Ah-ha #2: We all put up barriers to protect ourselves. Great, but not so useful when you're out there seeking MORE. When we seek MORE, and we begin to really start living a life of MORE – taking action to become that which we dream – we are challenged and required to step out from behind our shadows, face our fears, and share our true Self with the world in new, and often uncomfortable ways. This is why MoreSeekers exists in the first place. The search for MORE and living this life, while exciting, is not an easy path. It requires knowledge, skills and strength rarely taught. And it requires us to reveal and share more of our real authentic selves.

The final meeting actually happened just the other day. I was on a plane coming back from delivering a workshop for my favorite corporate client, SHI, and while the workshop went fine, I was a somewhat disappointed. The result was pretty good, but it didn't feel like a home run. As I was re-hashing and singing the "could've, would've, should've" song in my head, my soul spoke up again, this time asking, "How badly do you want this? How deeply do you believe in MoreSeekers?"

Whoa! The previous "come to Jesus" moments were honest and real, and somewhat hard to swallow, but this one was a doozie! How badly did I want this? How deeply did I believe?

And in that moment I realized what was missing, what I'd lost. MY BURNING DESIRE. That feeling of MUST, as if my life depended on it. The belief that runs like a tidal wave from the heart and floods your entire world with excitement and enthusiasm. My burning bonfire of desire was merely smoldering rather than roaring into a big, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous enticing desire.

"How badly did I want this?" I think I must have whispered this crazy question out loud three or four times.

And then without even thinking, taking pen to paper, my hand began to move in fluid motion, the ink transferring desire to paper, boldly and expressively with an intent and conviction I'd not felt for quite some time.

When it was done, I looked down and read what had been written. "I believe in the power and beauty of MORE with ALL of my being. I can't keep this bottled up any longer. This MUST be shared. You're not always going to get it perfect, sometimes you might even get it wrong. But, you absolutely MUST unleash yourself from any doubt, worry, or fear that's been holding you back and start sharing this gift, your gifts. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop wishing. Start. Take bold action. And don't you give up. Trust. Know every word, every action, every idea is a gift someone can use to turn their own big bold dream into realized. Keep stretching. Stretch further than you think is possible. It's time!"

Ah-ha #3: You can't just merely want it, that runs the risk of wishing. You MUST passionately and unequivocally desire it with all your being. And you must take action. Heartfelt action is best.

I sat there, in awe, letting it all soak in. I wasn't sure where it had come from, I honestly didn't really care. I was just glad it arrived, and I was so excited to receive it. MoreSeekers is my MORE. And it's time for my MORE.

To be perfectly honest, I've said, "It's time" so many times I feel a little bit like a broken record. But today it's different. It's not only filled with an intense sense of urgency, it feels more passionate and more vibrant than ever before. It's time. 

As a way of stepping up to the plate, from outside that curtain, and sealing in that passion and vibrancy, I want to share with you what I've been working on, especially because I've been working on it for you. Sometimes the best gifts can be the ones you're expecting. Over the next few months you can expect:

  1. I'm making a commitment to inspiring you through Twitter and Instagram daily. Each morning I'll offer you up an opportunity to #navelgaze - create a moment of reflection, trigger your imagination, and stimulate your curiosity. And throughout the day I'll share stuff that's piqued my curiosity, left me truly inspired, or is something that might be helpful in your search for your MORE. All the fun happens @moreseekers on all your favorite social channels.
  2. I'm going to give Periscope a shot. Periscope is the new social channel created by the makers of Twitter. I like to think of it as having your own personal live television channel. Beginning next Monday, I'll be on Periscope with the Monday Morning Pep Talk. Mondays are the perfect way to inspire and ignite your fire for MORE. Tune in at 7aPST each Monday morning, I'll be there ready to help step into the week.
  3. Be on the look out for lots more Journal entries right here. This is will be the place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about where the idea came from, the philosophy, my favorite tools and tricks, and just plain ole ways to live a life of MORE. 
  4. And the big news is the first week in June we're launching The MoreSeeker Sessions - The First Ever Workout for Your Life + Soul. You already eat clean, workout your body, and exercise your mind with a little meditation, so what about your life + soul? When was the last time you stretched, strengthened your "life muscles", or challenged your ego to a little one-on-one. Every month we'll focus on a different "life muscle" and provide simple, easy exercises you can quickly incorporate into your daily life. Everything will be focused on  strengthening your ability to fill you up and help you get what you really want. We have a special gift going out for everyone on our email list next week, don't miss out. subscribe here
  5. Also in June, we'll be starting the MoreSeeker Book Club. Each month I'll pick a favorite book or one hot off the presses for all of us to read and share together. I'm working on other fun goodies as well, so stay tuned. Our first book for the month of June will be The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. This was the first "self-empowerment" book I ever read in college. It changed my life, and every time I read it I learn even MORE. (I love being a MoreSeeker)
  6. Be on the lookout in July for "Raise Your Hand for MORE". I've been collaborating with a french jewelry designer to create "The MORE" bracelet and we'll be giving them away on Instagram
  7. Also in July we'll launch Studio 108, a podcast and salon dinner series where MoreSeekers from all over the world will come to share their stories and insights on MORE.
  8. T-shirts, hats and all sorts of other amazingness is in the works as well! 

That burning desire is back and I'm so excited to do whatever I can to help you live your life of MORE. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or recommendations for what you'd like to see happen here at MoreSeekers we're all eyes and ears, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below, tweet or send me an email ( MoreSeekers is my constant gift to you. I want this to be a place for you to learn, grow and stretch your wings into MORE and all the amazing possibilities you can imagine.

As you can see I'm letting go of hiding out and holding back, and can't wait to share everything I've got! 

With MORE:love,