Shades of Bluebird Sky Days


When I think of the sky

I am whisked away to a mountain top 

on a crisp, clear Colorado day

painted in shades of bluebird.


Bluebird. The color of this moment.

This one right here.

Deep breath.

Soak it all in.

The color of possibility, 

of vast possibility.

Because on days when you are blessed with bluebird sky

your imagination can stretch 

and it’s wings can spread wide open.


Bluebird. The color of daydreams.

Lit on fire 

by the sun’s blazing rays.

The color that drenches your soul alive.

Drop by drop.

Until you feel so fully, 

overflowing with complete.


Bluebird. The color where some day 

turns into today,

because you simply can’t wait for tomorrow.

The color of always, 


and plenty.

Love. Gratitude. Smiles. 


Bluebird. The color I turn to, 

to lift me up

and pull me forward.


the bluest of blues,

arching up reaching into the unending ocean 

of the out stretched Universe. 


Bluebird sky painted days.

The color of my life,

lived through the eyes of my heart.

This and every day.