How alive can you be

This past week was anything but easy. Each event reminded me of how fragile life is. How fleeting. Precious beyond our comprehension. And with each additional smack, that knowledge became more embedded into my heart, etched on my bones. And then a whisper, “It is times like these we can either wallow in the despair, become gripped by grief, overcome by the anger, or we can simply see the MORE.” Aaaahhhh…yes…there is indeed MORE in every less.

I escaped, and I'm so much better for it!

I'm an adventurer and I absolutely LOVE to travel, especially exotic foreign locales that have something to show me, teach me, and entice me to unleash my wild, nature-loving spirit. Which is why when we received an unexpected trip to Tahiti, I pinched myself and then literally screamed with joy! (more on that in a minute) But prior to leaving I stumbled upon this pretty famous Seth Godin quote in one of my social feeds, and it got me thinking... was I using this trip to escape my life?