The quickest way to kill your dreams

And that’s when everything changed.

It didn’t take much but a gentle voice whispering from deep down inside that decided to speak up during a walk to day 18 of my 40 days of yoga adventure, “Stop denying your dreams.”

Whoa! What the heck? I was stunned and awestruck. Of course my small self tried to rise with a, “Who me? I never deny my dreams, I’m a go-getter,” rebutttle. But she was quickly put right back in her place with a thunderous well of emotion manifesting in the fall of a single tear landing heavily on my cheek. It was as if that flood of heavy energy I invited to sit for a while finally decided it had sat long enough and it wrapped itself up tightly in a bath of water and salt and pushed itself out.

You never know where a sign might take you

Have you noticed them? The signs showing you the path to a life lived MORE? You know those subtle little messages, and some not so subtle at all. The indicators that direct, reaffirm, jolt, inspire, awaken, assure, motivate. Signs that come big and bold, short and subtle, words, feelings, happenings, sayings, and sometimes in big bold neon signs. They are EVERYWHERE! The problem is we don’t often notice them because we’re so busy thinking, re-hashing the past or planning the future, that we miss them – most of the time we’re not even aware they’re showing us the way. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to learn how to see them, to follow them. Sometimes simply being aware of the fact they're there, that in and of itself can be enough. The world is full of signs, they truly are everywhere you turn. All you have to do is choose to pay attention and let the world around you be the great teacher that it is. All it takes is a little MORE:noticing.