Super Moon reminds us MORE is an inside job

I’ve been super enthralled with the moon as of late and feeling particularly connected to Mama Killa, Q’ero for Mother Moon (the language of the high Andes Indians). It’s no wonder I feel her affects strongly, I’ve realized I’m no different than the ocean or any other body of water since I too am made mostly of water. 

I’ve begun to take notice of the mysterious affect she has on me, and with the arrival of the full moon today, September 8, I’ve already begun to feel her affects, finding myself welling up with tears often, and at the same time feeling an intense happiness like never before. If you’ve been feeling highly emotional or maybe the feeling of pain or suffering seems to be surfacing, this Super Moon could be your answer.

The quickest way to kill your dreams

And that’s when everything changed.

It didn’t take much but a gentle voice whispering from deep down inside that decided to speak up during a walk to day 18 of my 40 days of yoga adventure, “Stop denying your dreams.”

Whoa! What the heck? I was stunned and awestruck. Of course my small self tried to rise with a, “Who me? I never deny my dreams, I’m a go-getter,” rebutttle. But she was quickly put right back in her place with a thunderous well of emotion manifesting in the fall of a single tear landing heavily on my cheek. It was as if that flood of heavy energy I invited to sit for a while finally decided it had sat long enough and it wrapped itself up tightly in a bath of water and salt and pushed itself out.