Don't forget to play

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Image by Marc Johns (


I’ve never been particularly goofy, I don’t regularly get silly, I can’t remember good jokes, and it’s really only once in a blue moon I let my freaky flag fly. (However, a good bottle of champagne is definitely my playful courage juice, but that’s a story for another day.)

I hate to say it but as far back as I can remember I’ve always been pretty serious. Don’t get me wrong, I love to laugh, I have one of the biggest, sparkly smiles on the planet, but making funny faces, dressing up in silly outfits just because, or even wearing two different socks would be far and away radical departures from my ordinary. And, I’ll tell you right now, there’s no way I’ll be sporting purple hair anytime soon.

This whole serious versus playful conflict gave me a good slap the other day when my brother-in-law told me I was the most responsible person he knows. Eeewwww! While it’s probably true, and I know he totally meant it as a compliment, it completely irked me! I mean really – was I really that bad?!?!?! The image I couldn’t get out of my head was my tombstone inscribed with the words, “We could always count on Melissa, she knew how to take life seriously and was so responsible.” (barf!)

Now, don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong or bad about being serious, in my book right and wrong are old concepts that deserve to be retired because there of course is always a time and place for everything. BUT, seriously!!!!! If this is the lasting impression I'm leaving AND it’s totally contradictory to the way I feel on the inside, I need to get my outer personality in alignment with my inner energy – STAT!

Operation MORE:play starts today!

Here’s my plan, and you’re more than welcome to play along if you feel like you need a little injection of childish shenanigans in your life too:

21 days. Focus on playful, goofy, “out-of-my-ordinary” fun. Going out of my way to do at least one goofy, silly, foolish, and downright nutty thing each and every day.

That’s the key I think, "out-of-MY-ordinary". I don't need to cater to someone else's version of goofball, I need create my own goofball style. Stretch myself as far as I can. Sometimes it might look like baby steps and others like giant amazing leaps. All that really matters is it feels good and I'm not holding back because I'm worried about what others might think; I'm letting my inner vulnerability goodness out to be exposed for all the wonderfulness that it is. And that's actually pretty darn awesome!

Now, this is absolutely no joke for me. Even as I’m writing this I’m feeling a pang of nervous butterflies in my belly and my knees are shaking as if I were sitting in Antarctica. For me this is a big deal because I’ve always equated goofy and silly with irresponsibility and likeability. I’ve always worried if I did something that tickled my fancy it might surely expose me for the big fat dork that I surely am (oh the impact second grade recess can have on a sensitive girl). Sadly, my second grade self seems to still be running my adult life.

Well today, this little dork gets a free hall pass to come out to play.

Today I expose my crazy silly side. Today, I will groove to the beat of my own playful drum. Today, I just don’t give a sh*t about what other people think and I do my thing. Because I want to let my true self come out and play. (Tweet MORE)

If you’re game to joining me here are just a few of my personal yearnings that might inspire you in your own mission for MORE:play:

  • Swing on the swings
  • Hang upside down on the monkey bars
  • Slide down the slide
  • Hula the heck out of a hula hoop
  • Skip down the street
  • Tell a fart joke
  • Have a solo dance party, or better yet, invite your friends over
  • Go to hip hop class
  • Use good ole fashioned Crayola crayons to draw a picture and hang it on your refrigerator
  • Sit in park and blow bubbles
  • Blast the radio in your car and sing your lungs out
  • Wear a wig, your favorite hat, or better yet a boa, to work

If you have other zany, dorky, playful silliness you can add to the above, share it below! Don’t hold back, let it all loose – you know the MoreSeekers belief: The MORE the better!

This is my pledge, my wholehearted intent. But I’ll have to be honest, I don’t think intent isn’t going to quite cut it for this one. To break me out of my “seriousness shell”, we’re going to have to bring out the big guns! Some straight up accountability is definitely in order for this particular situation.

So here it is… I can’t believe I’m going to do this… To hold myself accountable I’ll post all the whacky goodness on the MoreSeeker social channels (you can follow us with the icons below). And likewise, if you’re out and about and decide to let your freaky flag fly, share it with me (#21daysofplay), I would love a little inspiration to make my play even more playful.

May the dorks rule and may we never again forget to play!

Double High 5s + MORE:love,