Living in Paradise – Remembering Pancho

The blackboard in my favorite coffee shop over the last few days has asked, "What do you think Paradise is like?"

This question was asked of Johnny Cash, to which he replied, “This morning with her, having coffee.”

Johnny's response reminded me so often we let the simple, even seemingly mundane moments slip by our awareness, lost in the hustle of the day, drowned out by the noise of yesterday and our desires for tomorrow. When in fact they are the most important, because they are actually the ones that make up our own personal paradisiacal existence.

Each day I spent with Pancho was a day lived in Paradise. And come to think of it, each day for the rest of my life will be as well. Because he wiggled his way in, he gave me a ball, he gave me his heart, he trusted me with his life, and he taught me how to love.