I truly believe at the core of who we are, we are all MoreSeekers. But I also believe it takes a profound act of courage to realize the MORE that is in all of us. As I look around the world I can’t help but see a deeply rooted desire for just a little bit MORE. It’s actually become quite an epidemic – not quite living. Whether you believe it, admit it, recognize it, love it, or hate it, all we want is to feel truly safe, have a deep sense of belonging, be showered in love, and end each day filled with gratitude for this amazing and abundant world we call home.

When we live a life of MORE, when we reject the societal dogmas of lack, limits and less, we create this unexplainable gloriously golden energetic force that illuminates our path forward, empowering our lives from the inside out. When we embrace MORE we have an unwavering believe in ourselves and those around us, we live from a place of personal power, we share our authentic truth, we are vibrantly and beautifully healthy, we love deeply and intensely, and we enthusiastically enjoy every fricking moment of this wonderful thing called life. It’s in our blood, it’s what drives us, it’s what makes us human – this ability to thrive rather than just survive.

But it’s not for the faint of heart. To realize MORE for yourself and everyone around you, there are two requirements: Desire + Determination. First, you must have that deep down, at the core of your being, yearning, stirring, and hunger for MORE, whatever your MORE may happen to be; and second, you must possess the “all in” will and dedication to make it a reality. When you have those two things the rest is easily learned, because when we choose to embrace MORE – be proud of our wants and desires and do everything in our power to realize them – we are empowered to create, to give, to share, to realize… MORE.

Welcome to MoreSeekers. This is a philosophy, a mantra, and a lifestyle, all rolled up into one, and specifically designed for you – those who unapologetically and courageously choose MORE, who want to give it wings and turn it all the way to bright.

It is my hope you’ll visit, and visit often, when you need a jolt of inspiration, a dose of ancient wisdom, an injection of modern thinking, a bad-ass tool or two to make realizing MORE effortless and enjoyable, or perhaps when you need just a little bit more oomph to keep you going. Because when you’re able to tap into MORE, when you allow it to take flight, there are truly no limits.

It’s time for MORE! The world is waiting. Spread your wings and give us what you’ve got!  

with MORE love and double high 5s,