Whispers leading the way to courage


In July, I wrote about following the cosmic breadcrumbs, those little signs that lead you towards realizing your dreams, if you're willing to open up and notice them. Well, today, in my world, it felt like it was raining cosmic breadcrumbs! But this time rather than actual physical signs they were whispers. 

Actually, this time it was more like a few whispers, and then a little nudge, and finally something that resembled more of a Divine "pay attention to me" smack.

Over the past few days I've heard the same little whisper from my soul becoming more and more persistent, "The magic is in inviting MORE people." In fact, two mornings in a row as I sat on my yoga mat, setting my intent for my practice, the same word/feeling/message appeared, "Invite".

I had come to the realization last week during failing fantastically that I needed to focus on building a real community, "inviting" more people in - something I've definitely known all along but became bright and vivid in the process of last week's attempt - something my dear friend Tamar Henry, The Curveball Coach, reminded me of today is what Marianne Williamson would call "absorbing the loss". I had absorbed the financial loss, I had grieved, and was in the process of applying the lesson.

But there was something about these whispers, these nudges, that didn't quite seem to be about the future, they felt more urgent, as though my immediate attention was required. 

Despite their regular occurrence I back-burnered them, which is probably why Saturday my good friend Kerry was chosen as the physical manifestation of this very message. I had asked Kerry to brainstorm some ideas with me for MoreSeekers and in the throws of ideas literally flying back and forth, she lovingly said, "Why not offer Grow A Pair for free?" I, or rather my ego, was proud to tell her I'd thought about it and that I'd been taught to not devalue my content, nor myself, and so $97 seemed like a fair price, it felt like I was valuing myself and the content. And besides, it worked for Danielle LaPorte for the Fire Starter Sessions, so why not?

(I'll get to why not in just a sec, but first the "pay attention to me" smack!)

After yet another nudge during a conversation this morning, this time excitement from a MoreSeeker about the possibility of a free shortened online version of the Grow A Pair workshop, the big "Pay Attention To Me!" actually came from something or someone greater than me! A loud beaming voice said, "If you want to invite more people, the cost of your Denver workshop must be $27.90."

(My interpretation - Wake the "F" UP! Why aren't you listening to your intuition?)

And as you can probably expect, my analytical mind/ego went totally and completely bizerk when it heard this outrageous idea. My head was immediately filled with tons of explanations for how silly and unheard of it would be to lower the price, especially after people had registered, after the Warrior Academy advertised, after I had written it to be so, would people think I'd failed again and that's why I was lowering the price?

And, in that moment everything shifted. I, my soul/heart/spirit, KNEW it absolutely must be done. Honestly, this was not a new message. I had felt it all along. I was following someone else's path, banking on repeating someone else's success, and it never felt quite right, it never felt quite me.

What I realized in that moment was MoreSeekers, and the message of "Grow A Pair" - teaching people how to face their fears and grow their own pair of courage wings - is something everyone can, and should get to experience. And if I can offer just a little something like this workshop, something I know has profound effects on people (even changes their lives), and make accessible, then I absolutely must do it. 

So, today, my courage wings are growing even bigger and I'm thankful that despite the fact I don't always listen to the guidance, something greater always seems to have my back. As a result, I'm facing my own fears of self-worth and doing what feels really really really good. I'm pleased to announce the Denver "Grow A Pair...of Wings" Workshop is being offered for a very special price - $27.90! (Which just happens to be my Numerology numbers - yet another sign?)

Why? Because no matter how hard you try, you can't ignore the whispers, and when you listen, those whispers will absolutely help you grow your own magnificent pair...of wings!

With MORE:love + MORE:courage,


PS: The Denver "Grow A Pair...of Wings!" Workshop is this Saturday, October 4 1-4p at Warrior Academy Yoga in the Highlands - REGISTER HERE