How alive can you be

This past week was anything but easy. Each event reminded me of how fragile life is. How fleeting. Precious beyond our comprehension. And with each additional smack, that knowledge became more embedded into my heart, etched on my bones. And then a whisper, “It is times like these we can either wallow in the despair, become gripped by grief, overcome by the anger, or we can simply see the MORE.” Aaaahhhh…yes…there is indeed MORE in every less.

You are the only validation you need

One of the cornerstone MoreSeeker beliefs is, “The destination is the journey.” In other words, we are constantly journeying, ever expanding, always seeking. There is actually never really a destination at all. Only a direction. Always a purpose. Our desires set us on a trajectory, but the process, the journey is where the actual magic happens. 

I’ve always loved this, truly believe it, and constantly struggle with it. Adventure for adventure sake, especially when it comes to matters of life, is a beautiful and also a constant practice. And for me, often a really really hard practice.

Sometimes you need a "come to Jesus"

Do you ever have one of those moments where either a friend or even a voice inside of you rises up and basically knocks some sense into you? These are what I call "come to Jesus" moments. They are moments of such raw truth they leave you stunned and amazed, and even though they sting, sometimes pretty intensely, you intuitively know you absolutely needed it, often wishing it would've come sooner. I believe these moments are when my true Self, my soul, gets sick and tired of my nonsense and sits me down for a tough love conversation.

Part 3: Harnessing the power of spring

I've come to realize as much as I'd love for my desires and dreams to resemble succulents (drought tolerant plants that need little care), they simply will not grow and become my big gorgeous beautiful life unless I take action to care for them, especially in the very beginning after they've first been planted. Here are five quick and easy "Care Instructions" that might help you turn what you want, where you want to go, what you'd like to be experiencing, into your reality with ease.

Part 2: Harnessing the power of spring

Taking advantage of this awesome spring energy inspired me to invite you to join me in an experiment, a three-step process taking advantage of natures natural rhythms and processes and applying it to our own lives, creating a time and place to jump start our dreams and aspirations. Yesterday we started by making space, clearing out all the items that weren't needed or wanted any longer to create space for what we did want. So now that we have all this awesome space, what do we do next?

Harnessing the power of spring

As with any garden, creating a beautiful life of your dreams requires a little preparation and clean-up. We must remove the old growth, weed out the unnecessary and un-useful, as well as turning over the soil to revitalize and rejuvenate. It's really hard to grow new roots when they first must get through all the gunk and mess left over from past ideas, over used thoughts, and old habits.

Clean slates, fresh starts, freedom and an opportunity for powerful creation

This week I'm especially gaga because we have a trifecta of all celestial happenings tomorrow, March 20. In fact, trusted astrologers the world over like Pam Younghans and Sarah Vargas are calling this, "The most powerful week of 2015," and "The most intense day of the year." 

I escaped, and I'm so much better for it!

I'm an adventurer and I absolutely LOVE to travel, especially exotic foreign locales that have something to show me, teach me, and entice me to unleash my wild, nature-loving spirit. Which is why when we received an unexpected trip to Tahiti, I pinched myself and then literally screamed with joy! (more on that in a minute) But prior to leaving I stumbled upon this pretty famous Seth Godin quote in one of my social feeds, and it got me thinking... was I using this trip to escape my life?