I’m a dreamer, a creator and a master manifester. And I too am a MoreSeeker.

I’m fascinated with why we desire, dream, want, what it means to want even MORE, and how we go about becoming and creating a life that makes it all possible. 

Fueled by my insatiable curiosity for people and how they lived their lives, I arrived here by way of an amazing career as a brand strategist, creating advertising for some of the world’s largest household brands. 

What I realized is while I loved advertising and marketing, I loved people more. So I decided to go on a three-year quest of my own to discover not only the world –what it needed, and how I might be able to add just a little more to it - but also to discover me – who I was and what I needed.

I quickly came to realize our traditional way of living had become overburdened by less, lack and limits, mine included. I learned what people deeply yearned for, and that my own soul was truly hungry for, was something more – more meaning, more inspiration, more truth, more love, more freedom, more fulfillment, more peace, more being who I actually am rather than grasping for fleeting pleasures, or pretending and striving to be something I'm simply not. 

Today, seeking is my religion and MORE is my gospel.

Not just any kind of MORE - the inviting, expansive, healthy, joyful kind of MORE. I’ve devoured hundreds of books, taken hours of classes, earned coaching certificates, became licensed to teach, and have become completely and totally enchanted with the likes of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Neurolinguistic Programming, The Desire Map, and the world’s ancient religions and practices. My current fascination is learning the about the true creative process, something incredibly valuable and rarely taught. It has so much to teach us and is incredibly applicable to how we create a life lived MORE. 

You can find me at home in Venice Beach, California where I run because it makes me feel like I’m flying, practice yoga because my mat is one of my greatest teachers, dance in my living room to anything Pharrell Williams because it revs my creative spirit, enjoy LA’s many great gifts with friends because without them my life would be empty, and surf and frolic with the two greatest guys in the whole world – my husband and my dog Pancho. These days my soul seems to be most jazzed by meeting other amazing makers, creators, and entrepreneurs, co-creating and collaborating with the express intent of always giving you MORE. 

I'm so glad you're here and I hope you'll join us in whatever way feels good to you - subscribe to receive more via email or follow us on social. I'm looking forward to the adventure of being MoreSeekers together!

With MORE:love,