a little MORE JOY, PEACE & LOVE for you + your Loved ones! 


At MoreSeekers we're all about generosity and this holiday season has us in the giving spirit, so we thought we'd give you THREE special MoreSeeker gifts each day for 12 days so your holiday can be even MORE sparkly and amazing! 12 days. 

  1. Check-in daily. December 1-12 be sure to check in here, @moreseekers on Instagram, Facebook or sign up below to receive MORE Holiday Sparkle in your inbox, to receive your two special MoreSeeker gifts each day.
  2. Gift #1. We want you to say YES to MORE! We've chosen 12 special MoreSeeker practices, provisions, and adornments and we're giving them to you at an irresistible MoreSeeker price. 12 gifts. 12 irresistible offers.
  3. Gift #2. Be MORE:dazzling! We know the holidays can sometimes be filled with more frazzle than dazzle so we'd like to give you 12 of our favorite and most special MoreSeeker practices, so you can turn that frazzle into MORE:dazzle. Already dazzling? These special little MoreSeeker treats can add even MORE: joy, peace & love to your holidays and into the new year! 
  4. GIFT #3. 10% of ALL sales go to "I Have A Dream" Foundation giving low income kids the opportunity to go to college. 





 Photo Credit: Pixel Stories

Photo Credit: Pixel Stories

Today we invite you to place your attention on MORE:LOVE

I'm not sure about you but I often forget this season is rooted in LOVE. With frazzled, hustle bustle of the holidays and the frantic desire to finish out the current year and start the new, it's so easy to lose sight of what's really important.

For these last few days we invite you to bring MORE:love into your life. But not in the way you might traditionally think of it as "doing love" but rather BEING LOVE.

Are you wondering how do you do that? 

There's really nothing to do but shift your perception from doing > BEING. I like to think of my heart as this big huge "love orb". I imagine love as this massive field of energy that extends out from my body and enveloping by whole entire world. 

I then go about my day, always working from this place of sharing this big huge orb of energy with the rest of the world. 

It always seems to put a smile on my face and I can feel other people get wrapped up in it like their getting a big huge hug, and I didn't have to do anything but BE LOVE. 

I hope your holidays are so filled with love it makes you feel like you're going to burst!