Tune in. Dream. Desire. Vision. Act. Receive. Achieve.

The New Year. 2015

It’s time to turn those desires, dreams, aspirations, goals, plans and intentions into something real…into REALIZED!

Does it sometimes feel like the goals, dreams and desires you really want can be a little bit elusive? The act of creating them is often thrilling, inspiring and even motivating and then you get to the part where you actually need to do something to make them happen – you have to make the call, run the miles, eat the veggies, invest the money, write the book, leave the job, start the project – and then life takes over and all too often the majority of them end up as “mission aborted”. Oh yeah. That feeling is way too familiar.


why is it that realizing our dreams and achieving our goals is so freaking hard?

First, unbeknownst to us, we learned to start from the wrong place. We typically start with what we'd like to possess or acquire or do rather than how we'd like to feel and who we'd like to become. And then, we often don’t possess the experience, tools, and/or encouragement to actually make it happen. Finally, and the most shocking to many, we actually aren’t really very good at receiving



It’s true. 


If you want something you have to be able to accept it. And the truth is the majority of us kind of suck at the key quality that makes desire manifestation actually possible - receiving. We’ve gotten so good at doing and giving we’ve forgotten how to open up, invite, allow and accept. We’ve never really learned how to attract and receive what we most want.

the key to realizing your desires?

know who you want to be, how you want to feel, & RECEIVE GRACIOUSLY 


MORE in 2015  is a year-long desire creation AND fulfillment experience


We’re going to create our desires for 2015, from the simple to the bold and everything in between, AND we’re going to turn them into real and realized. 

This is like no other goal setting process you’ve ever tried, attempted or completed. This approach is a carefully crafted, personally tested, rare practice combining tools, techniques and methods from Danielle LaPorte’s amazing Desire Map process, neuroscience, quantum physics, Law of Attraction, and the world’s ancient wisdom traditions for a FULL ON, MASTERFUL, DESIRE FULFILLMENT EXPERIENCE. 

MORE in 2015 is a MoreSeeker’s dream experience filled with thought-provoking exercises, collaborative creation, luscious food, an inspiring atmosphere, and a collective adventure. By the end you’ll not only have your dreams and desires, you'll actually have something real to show for it, and you'll wish the experience could go on forever.

 Shelter Half Casa

Shelter Half Casa

2 day Retreat basking in the beautiful, bohemian vibes of the Shelter Half Casa in Venice Beach, CA


Monthly Learn + Collaborate Practicum

It all starts February 6-8 with a few amazing days together retreating in beautiful Venice Beach, CA at the exclusive Shelter Half Casa on the infamous Abbot Kinney. Here we'll celebrate the past year, envision the year ahead, use the Desire Map process to create our core desired feelings, and make some real decisions about the MORE we’d like to BE|LIVE|DO|HAVE in 2015. You'll leave already having created momentum and taking action on your desires for the year.

But it doesn’t stop there. Starting in February, and each month through December, we’ll meet virtually as a group for 90-minutes where you’ll learn a new practical tool every month specifically designed to help you RECEIVE what you most want in 2015. All with ample time for questions and the opportunity to receive the individual support you need to move your desires from dreams to reality. 




The MORE in 2015 Experience is loaded with amazingness

  •   Kick-off call, Wednesday, January 21 to jump-start the process and prepare for a year of fulfillment
  •     MORE in 2015 Experience Workshop (February 6-8) at the beautiful Shelter Half Casa on the famous Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, CA
  •     Healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks 
  •     Welcome dinner Friday evening
  •     11 Monthly Learn + Collaborate Group Work Sessions w/Melissa, 90-min each (Feb-Dec 2015)
  •     Private Online Community
  •     Desire Map Book
  •     Desire Map Workbook
  •   Monthly MoreSeeker Workbook

Wait... There's MORE

You also receive a two-month membership to the MoreSeeker Sessions 

The MoreSeeker Sessions is like a monthly workout for your soul specially designed to help you realize the MORE> you’d like to be experiencing in your life. Every month we focus on a different quality required to live a life of MORE>. Each 2-hour session is a learning and sharing extravaganza and a chance for all of us to support each other in our adventures and desire for living a life of MORE>. The sessions are accompanied by a monthly workbook and access to the private online community "Seekers need Seekers". (A $184 value)


Easy Payment Plan and Retreat Only Options Also Available When Registering


  1. One 60-minute private coaching call with Melissa to be used at any time during 2015. ($300 value)

  2. The exclusive 2015 Desire Map Day Planner.


MORE 2015 Experience is limited to 25 ambitious and desire-filled MoreSeekers ready to commit to realizing their dreams and creating a life of MORE.

The concept of MORE has been a transformational one for me. Instead of focusing on what I want less of, this simple yet powerful concept has enabled me to ask (and attempt to answer) the important question of what I want MORE of in my life. This self-directed Q&A has served as a blueprint for me to live my life with MORE intention and to try my best on a daily basis to align my energy investment with my desired outcomes. Whether it’s MORE health and wellness, MORE love, MORE meaning – whatever your MORE(s) are this simple idea will help you achieve clarity and get on the path to MORE in your life. Thanks Mel – as a friend and an inspirational presence in my life you are truly MORE!
— Kevin Adler, CEO - Engage Marketing
From the top of my heart, thank you Melissa. When I met you I felt I was already on the right path…you not only validated many of my thoughts and beliefs, but you provide clarity and a solid foundation for that path, something I’ve always lacked. You’ve helped me tremendously. I’ve learned and grown so much from my time with you. I don’t know how to thank you, only to let you know I’m going to change the world around me, and you’re a part of that.
— Lee Curc-Dahl, Manager, Learning & Development - SHI
Working with MoreSeekers has literally changed my life path in ways I could have never imagined. I am convinced that I would have continued down the path of false happiness and instant gratification in my career while sacrificing my personal health, wants and desires for years without the enlightenment I achieved through our work. Instead, now seek truth, health, core inspiration, and deep connection in everything that I do. Sure, my demons and desires to achieve for others will still pervade my deeper desire to take care of myself, but I am aware of that balance and can now make choices about when and how I want to manage it. My key foci are as follows, in priority order: personal happiness, health, career, and friends/family. Working to flip the last two, but I am making sincere progress and know that this change is engrained in the way I now live my life.
— Kristen Otterson, Top Sales Performer - SHI

Desire is Just a wish without action

With MORE:love,