Day 28: MORE:opportunity

Well, today is our last day together. I hope you've received great joy from all the kindness you've spread throughout your world and your life, such a gift you've given yourself and everyone around you! 

Today, I give you the gift of kindness in the form of opportunity.

So many people want to change their lives. Their dedicated, determined, they even have a good idea, all they need is a leg up, some support, and they'll be on their way to making their dreams come true. 

I hope you'll find it in your heart to provide an opportunity to someone who's really making things happen in their lives. You know giving a buck or two to the guy with the sign on the off-ramp is one thing, and energetically supporting someone who's really dedicated to creating their life, that's a completely different story. 

Programs like,, and even Dress For Success make it really easy for us to do this. If you haven't been to their sites in a while, take a few minutes today to browse and see if there's anything interesting there, you might be completely surprised at what you'll find.

And with that, we are complete. Thank you so very very much for joining me on this amazing journey. This project has filled my heart with so much love, and actually strengthen my kindness muscle as well. I look forward to spending MORE time with you in the future. 

With MORE:love,


PS: The next MoreSeeker initiative will start on April 6, we're getting behind the #MOMA100days, a spin-off of the #100dayproject. I'll be sending out information on that the second week in March. If you have a creative yearning or have something you've wanted to create for a while this is the perfect opportunity for you. MoreSeekers will be supporting everyone who wants to create something, from a six pack of abs to the putting their paint brushes to work, to writing a book, and everything in between. I'm looking forward to having you on that journey too, if it feels good to you!

Day 27: MORE:support

One of the easiest ways I know to show my love and support for others and causes I care about is through showing them a little kindness from my pocketbook. And the great thing is many companies are making it so easy now for us to make purchases and at the same time be kind.

Today, I give you the gift of kindness in the gesture of support.

Social good companies abound! Toms kind of started it all by doing the "One for One" thing – but a pair of shoes, someone who needs a pair gets a pair, buy a pair of glasses and another pair is given, buy coffee and water is given.

There are thousands of these companies now like The Shine Project, that gives inner city kids jobs and they make beautiful pieces of jewelry. And the Kahn Academy that's working to make education free.

So, today, how amazing would it be if we all used our dollars to get something amazing for ourselves and help someone else get exactly what they need? Pretty awesome!

Day 26: MORE:strength

Strength. It's something we usually only think about when it comes to our muscles and will power. Today, I'm asking you to actually give some of your strength away in a gesture of kindness to help someone who desperately needs it.

Today, please register for the bone marrow registry.

For most people with diseases that require a bone marrow transplant this is their only hope. Giving our strength, giving our bone marrow can often be one of the scariest things. It's a big deal for both recipient and donor. The match has to be absolutely exact, so the more people we have on the registry, the more chances at life many more can receive.

I hope you'll join me in registering, and giving the gift of your strength as your gesture of MORE:kindness.

Da 25: MORE:voice

At first today's way to offer MORE:kindness to All might be a stretch, and yes, we don't often think about the fact that our voice can actually make a difference, especially on a grand scale. And today I want you to realize it can.

Today I give you the gift of kindness as your own powerful voice.

One of the easiest ways to share your voice with others is to make sure you're registered to vote. There are so many people in the world that don't get this opportunity, and if we don't exercise this opportunity we lose our right and opportunity to choose, to decide for ourselves what we want. 

It may seem like your one vote doesn't count when it comes to the ballot box and the other thousands of votes, but energetically it does matter. When you register, and then cast your vote, you set energy in motion that says, "I matter. I have an opinion. I know what's important to me." I think that's an amazingly kind thing to do for the rest of society. 

So, today, take 5 minutes and double check and make sure you're officially registered to vote. 

Day 24: MORE:volunteer

I was thinking this morning about a wonderful story a woman in one of my courage workshops told me about volunteering. She told me when she goes through a transition - transitioning into a new position, starting a new job, changing relationships, etc. - she likes to volunteer. She said for her it's all about practicing karma, making sure that no matter how good or bad her life feels at that moment, volunteering always makes her feel incredibly good.

So today I give you the gift of kindness in the form of volunteering so you can feel good.

I myself haven't volunteered in a really long time, and I actually really really love it. One of the things I've been really wanting to do is take my dog Pancho to visit kids who have cancer, as he also has cancer but is doing really really well. Just feels like an incredibly good thing. 

In what way would lending a hand and opening your heart feel incredibly good to you? And just like going to the gym, it feels so good once you actually get there! 

Day 23: MORE:heart

Probably one of the most precious ways we can offer kindness is to give that which flows through us each and every day – our lifeline, our blood.

When I think about giving blood I think about my mother giving birth to her fourth and last child. If it not for the generosity of another, and their selfless act of kindness, she may not have made it out of the delivery room. I'm sure we all have a similar story, one where we can't even fathom where we might be today if it weren't for the selfless generosity of so many.

Today, I give you the gift of kindness and your opportunity to give of yourself on the deepest level yet – donate blood. 

There are hundreds of blood drives and you can even start your own. Visit The Red Cross to find out where you can share your heart with someone who desperately needs it.

Day 22: MORE:donations

This will be our last week together, I hope you've enjoyed MORE:kindness so far. 

For our final week we're dedicating the week to "selfless" service and the power of ONE to MANY. When we give our time, our money, vote with our voices and our pocketbooks we can truly create change on an unfathomable level.

Today, we're kicking off by offering you the gift of kindness by asking you to donate to your favorite charity, or maybe researching a new one to add to your list of annual charitable contributions. There's so many people, places and animals that can use our help, honestly anything you give can make a difference.

All it takes is $5, $10 is even better, and of course, MORE is even better. The truth is we could all probably give more than we actually do. There's just something special when we choose to give from our own wallet, when we forgo a few Starbucks, or even pull from our savings to ensure someone else less fortunate can have what we often take for granted. 

Day 21: MORE:stinky

One of the things I've come to learn and about all of you amazing MoreSeekers is you seek MORE because you want MORE FREEDOM!

So, today I give you the kindness of freedom and giving you a permission slip to be kind to the planet by not showering or bathing! 

What?!?!?! Some of you are probably saying WTF!

Yep, I'm asking you to give up your shower for one day and allow yourself, and the planet, an edge of freedom from the status quo.

If you're anything like my wonderful husband you might be freaking out right now. I promise it's all going to OK, it's just one day. You can do anything for one day, right!?!?!

Think about the fact you're saving approximately 50 gallons of water in one shower. If every person in America did the same thing, we'd save 16 BILLION gallons of water in one day. That's enough for each person in the world to have about a 1/2 gallon of drinking water. Wowsers!

Maybe pretend you're on a one-day urban camping trip, throw on a hat, or throw your hair up in pony, load up on the deodorant (one of my favorite all natural brands is Reset Yourself, it smells amazing and works even better than any other brand I've ever found), use a washcloth to remove the grime, maybe use a little extra perfume or essential oils, and simply give yourself a day of freedom from the expectation of showering and bathing. 

Of course there's other ways to save water like installing drought resistant landscaping, washing your car at the car wash, installing "low flow" shower heads and toilets, skipping toilet flushes (which saves more water but is waaaay MORE stinky), which are all really great options. And isn't going shower less for just one day, breaking the rules and the expectations for one Saturday, a lot MORE fun? Just don't forget to to brush your teeth :)

Day 19: MORE:human-powered

I know many times it can seem like the kindness we offer goes unrecognized and we doubt that the effort we make is actually making the impact we desire, often times wondering if it even matters when others don't seem to follow suit. 

I'm here to tell you it absolutely does matter, even if we can't see the affects. What I know for sure is that everything is energy. The actions we take, and the intent behind those actions, set energy moving in a specific way that might not be seen with the human eye, but it can certainly be sensed and felt on an entirely different level. There are other forces at work other than those we can actually see with our own eyes, kindness is one of those things that impacts our lives at that level.

Today's act of MORE:kindness is just one of those actions, and so I give you the gift of your own human power.

I noticed the other day that I've become somewhat dependent on the convenience of driving my car and using specific appliances rather than relying on my own human power. Now sometimes this just doesn't make sense, but I guarantee there is probably somewhere in your life where you could replace something that requires earth energy with your own energy.

One of my favorite things to do is walk to yoga. I not only feel good about the impact I'm making on the environment, it also sets my mind up to be present in class, and the walk home is like a magical integration. Oh, and these sessions are always "phone-free", just feels more complete that way. Here are a couple of other ways you can go human powered: 

  • Walk or ride your bike to your workout
  • Go for a run instead of driving to the gym
  • Let your hair air dry rather than using your hair dryer
  • Make a salad, or something else that doesn't require cooking
  • Park your car a couple of blocks away from your destination and walk the rest of the way

There's just something amazing that happens, not only when we realize we can do it on our own, but the experience we have while doing it shows us that our own power has the ability to change everything!


Day 17: MORE:reuse

One of my most favorite companies on the planet is Patagonia, not necessarily because I think they're super fashionable, or because they always have the very best gear, but because they are probably one of the most kind companies on the planet, to the planet. And they do this by focusing on how they can re-use materials already manufactured and actually encourage their customers to "not buy new" and instead continue to make repairs and create stories to the items they've come to love. Because of this I will often choose Patagonia over other gear.

Day 16: MORE:organic

One of the things I've come to appreciate about buying organic everything is when I buy organic I know I'm buying quality, and I'm happy to pay more it. When I buy a product that's not only better for me and for the planet, I'm buying a product that was grown with kindness. Simply knowing that someone cared enough to go to extra lengths to ensure I have a healthy, safe, and quality product just seems to make me feel better.

Day 15: MORE:nature

Today, I offer you a little more kindness in encouraging you to get outside and simply connect with the Pachamama. Breathe in her sweet air, scoop the snow up and hold her in your hands, rub your hands on a tree, or walk barefoot through the grass. Simply take her in, let her intoxicate you, let her refresh your mind, body and soul. And in return, send her a little love.

Day 14: MORE:love

What I know now, and had absolutely no clue about back then is the hard cold fact that we are all LOVE. Love is not something we do, it's not something we get, and it's not even those three little words (I love you) inscribed on a silly cookie cutter Target card. LOVE is who we are. And when we share ourselves, when we approach every situation, every moment, every person with the intent of LOVE we can't help but touch another human being, connect with them at that soul level where we all long to feel connected. 

Day 12: MORE:forgiveness

Today, I give you the beautiful and ultimate gift of kindness – forgiveness. Here's the really great thing about forgiveness... it's energetic. It's the releasing of heavy energy that's holding us back from experiencing life the way we want to experience it. Since it's energetic it doesn't require we re-hash the experience or even go face to face with the person we've been holding a grudge for, we simply need to energetically let it go. Because in the world of creation, heavy energy is really the only thing that gets in our way of living a life of MORE.

Day 11: MORE:receiving

"Thank you, I am a reflection of your light" - Carlos Santana

I was deeply touched by this quote from one of rock 'n roll's legends. The idea that when we are given something, and we accept and receive it, we are able to reflect back that generosity and give them a gift in return - the gift of graciously receiving. 

Our culture spends so much time focusing on the art of giving, many of us don't actually know how to receive the amazing gifts that are given us each and every day. Honestly, we actually kind of suck at the whole act of receiving. Thank you notes have become ancient relics of the past, and compliments are often dismissed or rejected due to feelings of unworthiness.

And yet, for every giver there must be a receiver. When our gifts of kindness are not met with openness and enthusiasm, we can't help but take notice. The old proverb, "It is better to give than to receive", simply does not make the world go round. leaving us feeling as if something might be missing. When we practice the art of receiving, we complete the circle of kindness.

So, today I offer you kindness in the form of receiving. As you go about your day today, notice all the gifts that are given to you. The warmth of the rays of the sun, the daffodils beginning to poke through the hard cold ground, a smile from the stranger passing you by, the quarter you find on the ground at your feet, the compliment given by your co-worker, the praise for a job well-done by your boss, the hug from your child, the wet lick of affection from your dog, and the "I love you" from your partner. 

The best way to receive is with a thank you. And if the "gift" you receive really makes you feel good, let that person know how much you appreciate their appreciation. 

Of course, if you'd like, you can take it one step further. Think of someone who has touched you this week, this year, even in your lifetime, and write them a thank you letter. A real letter, the kind with an envelope and a postage stamp. Send it off. In today's world this kind of kindness is so rarely given, and so often reminds us of what it really means to receive and appreciate the amazing gifts that grace our lives each and every day.

With MORE:love,