Day 13: MORE:hugs

It's Friday and tomorrow is Valentines Day so let's get primed in sharing our loving kindness! And after doing all that forgiveness work from yesterday, we could all probably use a big ole bear hug!

Today, I offer you the kindness of the long strong embrace of the best hug you've ever gotten!

There are so many people, many your closest friends or even your family members that can go an entire day, an entire week without feeling the loving embrace of another human being. In our hustle bustle lives we forget that contact is so important to our wellbeing, and can often make a bigger difference than we'll ever know.

My friend Brooke gives the best hugs ever. She goes right in, it doesn't crush you but it's strong because it comes from her heart. I bet there's someone in your life that could use a Brooke-style hug today, and perhaps it's even you - sometimes we need to be reminded, so don't be afraid to ask.