Day 14: MORE:love

Ah, the day of St. Valentines and Love...also the day of chocolate, flowers, jewelry, fancy dinners and high expectations. 

When I was in grade school we had an open classroom, so no permanent desks, which meant we kept all of our pencils, notebooks and of course stickers in a "tote tray". And when Valentines Day came around you would go around and put all those little cards you got at Target in each person's tote tray and at the end of the day there was a party and you got to see who had given you a Valentine. My hope for two years was to have one with a special message from Marc Shupe, the cute redheaded boy I had the biggest crush on. To my disappointment that never happened, and I would run home, lock myself in my bedroom, dreams of LOVE, crushed.

What I know now, and had absolutely no clue about back then is the hard cold fact that we are all LOVE. Love is not something we do, it's not something we get, and it's not even those three little words (I love you) inscribed on a silly cookie cutter Target card. LOVE is who we are. And when we share ourselves, when we approach every situation, every moment, every person with the intent of LOVE we can't help but touch another human being, connect with them at that soul level where we all long to feel connected. 

When I think back to Marc Shupe and how he would relentlessly tease me when I so just wanted those three little words on a cookie-cutter Target card, I now realize he was blasting me with LOVE each and every time.

So, today I give you the gift of kindness at its highest level, LOVE. 

When we set the intent to simply BE LOVE, we set in motion the doing and the having – after all we are human *beings*, not human *doings*. So, let's BE LOVE, let's let it completely and totally overrun our bodies, over take our lives, and let's share that with everyone we meet today. So much more fun than getting caught up in doing LOVE, don't you think?