Day 15: MORE:nature

It's week three all ready and this we turn our attention to loving up Mother Nature.

Kindness really is all about fostering a relationship, and there is no other relationship that is in more dire need of fostering than our relationship with Mother Nature, or as I affectionately like to call her - The Pachamama

It's so easy to take her for granted when we have deadlines, mouths to feed and sleep to catch up on. We stare at her out windows but so seldom in the hustle bustle of every day life do we actually really truly connect with her. Which is why I decided to dedicate one whole week to focus on her. Because it is our connection with the Pachamama that also fosters our connection with others.

This is not a "save the planet" campaign, but rather simple reminders of the little things we can do to be aware of our daily behaviors that can actually make a difference in showing Mother Nature the same respect and adoration we show our loved ones. 

Today, I offer you a little more kindness in encouraging you to get outside and simply connect with the Pachamama.

Breathe in her sweet air, scoop the snow up and hold her in your hands, rub your hands on a tree, or walk barefoot through the grass. Simply take her in, let her intoxicate you, let her refresh your mind, body and soul. And in return, send her a little love.

When we experience something intimately in this way is when we when we begin to truly understand, when we start to connect beyond the cognitive and light our hearts up with loving kindness. 

With MORE:love,