Day 16: MORE:organic

We kicked of our week of "Be Kind to the Planet" with just simply getting out into Nature and getting reacquainted with her. I'm always amazed what a little fresh air, even if it's super cold and snowy, can do for my spirit, it just seems to help me feel connected to everything that's greater than me.

Today my gift of kindness to you is the gift of organic.

I have a practice called the "non-negotiables" – three things I make sure I am or do everyday, no matter what, come "hell or high water". Organic has been one of them for as long as I can remember because it makes me feel good, and putting feeling good at the top of my list is really important to me.

Organic is controversial, I get it, the idea of having organic goods shipped to us from China kind of defeats the purpose. I'm definitely all in favor of local as well, but I bet you're wondering what the heck it has to do with kindness.
One of the things I've come to appreciate about buying organic everything is when I buy organic I know I'm buying quality, and I'm happy to pay more it. When I buy a product that's not only better for me and for the planet, I'm buying a product that was grown with kindness. Simply knowing that someone cared enough to go to extra lengths to ensure I have a healthy, safe, and quality product just seems to make me feel better.

If you're game, I hope you'll join me today in choosing organic for the pure reason of feeling good. Simply opting for the organic apple rather than one grown from conventional practices that include pesticides might not make an immediate impact, but it sure does feel good to support someone who chose to offer the entire world a little MORE:kindness.