Day 17: MORE:reuse

One of my most favorite companies on the planet is Patagonia, not necessarily because I think they're super fashionable, or because they always have the very best gear, but because they are probably one of the most kind companies on the planet, to the planet. And they do this by focusing on how they can re-use materials already manufactured and actually encourage their customers to "not buy new" and instead continue to make repairs and create stories to the items they've come to love. Because of this I will often choose Patagonia over other gear.

Today my gift of kindness to you is inspired by one of the most committed companies to the planet, Patagonia; I give you the gift of re-use.

While Patagonia is doing amazing things like turning plastic water bottles into fleece, we can some do some pretty amazing things ourselves with simple little everyday efforts:  using re-useable grocery bags, getting a re-useable water bottle instead of buying water in bottles, giving your gently used items to Goodwill or Salvation Army or even Dress for Success, and don't forget the Patagonia way: wear and re-wear, repair and re-wear again!

I have to admit I'm not as good about this as I could be. I've got the grocery bag thing down pat, and I'm really working on carrying my water bottle with me more especially when I fly, and Goodwill probably loves me because some of the clothes I give to them still have the tags, so my commitment is to really think about the items I buy, especially clothes, and make sure they're items I'll want to "live in" rather than relying on one-hit-wonders.

How about you, where could you offer Mother Nature a little MORE:kindness by practicing re-using?