Day 19: MORE:human-powered

I know many times it can seem like the kindness we offer goes unrecognized and we doubt that the effort we make is actually making the impact we desire, often times wondering if it even matters when others don't seem to follow suit. 

I'm here to tell you it absolutely does matter, even if we can't see the affects. What I know for sure is that everything is energy. The actions we take, and the intent behind those actions, set energy moving in a specific way that might not be seen with the human eye, but it can certainly be sensed and felt on an entirely different level. There are other forces at work other than those we can actually see with our own eyes, kindness is one of those things that impacts our lives at that level.

Today's act of MORE:kindness is just one of those actions, and so I give you the gift of your own human power.

I noticed the other day that I've become somewhat dependent on the convenience of driving my car and using specific appliances rather than relying on my own human power. Now sometimes this just doesn't make sense, but I guarantee there is probably somewhere in your life where you could replace something that requires earth energy with your own energy.

One of my favorite things to do is walk to yoga. I not only feel good about the impact I'm making on the environment, it also sets my mind up to be present in class, and the walk home is like a magical integration. Oh, and these sessions are always "phone-free", just feels more complete that way. Here are a couple of other ways you can go human powered: 

  • Walk or ride your bike to your workout
  • Go for a run instead of driving to the gym
  • Let your hair air dry rather than using your hair dryer
  • Make a salad, or something else that doesn't require cooking
  • Park your car a couple of blocks away from your destination and walk the rest of the way

There's just something amazing that happens, not only when we realize we can do it on our own, but the experience we have while doing it shows us that our own power has the ability to change everything!