Day 3: MORE:compassion

Welcome to Day 3 of MORE:kindness.

Yesterday brought to light something really interesting for me. I was able to notice that I get so busy making things happen I often forget to nourish myself – to take a breath, to make a few moments just for me so I feel fulfilled rather than depleted. My meditation practice had pretty much become nonexistent with the go-go-go energy of January, so yesterday I used MORE:NOURISHMENT to reinvigorate my practice, which felt like I was taking a blanket and wrapping myself up in it. Truly a kind and loving act for myself.

How about you, how did you fill yourself up? Did you have a revelation, a realization, or a reaction? If you feel inspired to share I'd love to hear how yesterday went for you, simply visit the post on our website here and leave your thoughts, ideas, observations, ah-has, in the comments.

Today, now that we've given ourselves a little nourishment, we're going to go a little deeper, because it feels natural and I know you're ready for it now that you've given yourself the kindness of nourishment (don't worry, Day 4 we'll lighten it up again).

For our Day 3, I'd like to give you the gift of compassion, not for others, but for yourself. 

Kindness is a funny thing, we're really good about giving it to others but we're pretty shitty at giving it to ourselves. One of the best ways I know to do this is to let go of judgement of what's not working in your life, who you haven't become, and what you haven't done yet. Let it go, flush it down the toilet, burn it, bury it, whatever you have to do, for today I want you to banish it, even if it's just for this one day!

Then I invite you to appreciate yourself for simply being you. The mold was broken when you were born, there is not another living soul that is exactly like you, so appreciate that, appreciate you and the specialness that makes you, YOU. And then, find MORE to appreciate, and MORE, and MORE. Keep going until you get exhausted. And then name one MORE.

When you improve the messages you give yourself you set in motion the opportunity to create the life you desire, to become that which you dream, to fill the world with MORE. Without this we are putting up a block that at best makes it harder to manifest the MORE we'd like in our lives.

Thank you for being you! You're pretty freaking amazing and I'm so excited we're on this amazing journey together!

With MORE:love,