Day 2: MORE:nourished

Welcome to Day Two of "Share MORE:kindness"! How was yesterday? Did you notice anything special, interesting, or even disturbing? 

Now that we've got your awareness on #morekindness, let's take an action step toward being MORE kind to ourselves. Today's focus is on nourishment. If our bodies, minds, and souls aren't nurtured and filled up with the nourishment necessary to get through the day it can leave us feeling cranky, sad, frustrated, disappointed, which can quickly stop us from being the kind person we want to be.

So, today, what would make you feel nourished? What would fill you up, help you feel like you're taking good care of your body, your heart, your mind, your soul? Do that today! Make it your highest priority, your absolute non-negotiable. 

Nourishing ourselves from the inside out is just the beginning of how much kindness we can create for ourselves and the world around us! 

With MORE:love,