Day 20: MORE:recycle

Today we're going pretty simple, getting back to basics and perhaps even learning a little something new.

Today, I give you the gift of kindness to the planet through recycling.

I debated about including this as part of this program feeling like this is old news. But the more I began to dig in, the more I started to realize many, including myself, probably didn't know. There's always room for MORE.

Recycling is one of those things I think everyone really wants to do because our cities and the places we frequent have made it relatively easy. Places like Whole Foods have even taken it a step further and offered the ability to compost, which is fabulous. And still, all of it can be a little on the confusing side.

Did you know that all your plastics and glass and paper need to be cleaned and free of food in order for it to be recycled? They don't wash it at the recycle center, so we must do our part to prepare the items for recycling. That means all the grease stained pizza boxes and Chinese takeout containers are a no-go.

Also, certain cities don't recycle certain things like "Tetra Paks" (the packaging for juice, coconut water and soup) and most cities require the lids from containers be removed. It's important to understand what can be recycled and what can't. The best way to learn is to use our helpful friend Google and search for your cities recycling program. They should give you the types and "numbers" of the plastics that are recyclable. (Those numbers on the bottom of containers correspond to the type of plastic the container is made from.)

There are also companies like Recyclebank that are working to inspire AND reward simple activities that help us generate MORE:kindness, and it makes it a little MORE fun too!

About $7 billion worth of plastics went unrecycled last year, that's Donald Trumps net worth. When we increase our know-how around seemingly easy activities like recycling, we can be kind to those who are doing their best to be kind to the planet. The ripple effect in motion! 

With MORE:love,