Day 21: MORE:stinky

One of the things I've come to learn and about all of you amazing MoreSeekers is you seek MORE because you want MORE FREEDOM!

So, today I give you the kindness of freedom and giving you a permission slip to be kind to the planet by not showering or bathing! 

What?!?!?! Some of you are probably saying WTF!

Yep, I'm asking you to give up your shower for one day and allow yourself, and the planet, an edge of freedom from the status quo.

If you're anything like my wonderful husband you might be freaking out right now. I promise it's all going to OK, it's just one day. You can do anything for one day, right!?!?!

Think about the fact you're saving approximately 50 gallons of water in one shower. If every person in America did the same thing, we'd save 16 BILLION gallons of water in one day. That's enough for each person in the world to have about a 1/2 gallon of drinking water. Wowsers!

Maybe pretend you're on a one-day urban camping trip, throw on a hat, or throw your hair up in pony, load up on the deodorant (one of my favorite all natural brands is Reset Yourself, it smells amazing and works even better than any other brand I've ever found), use a washcloth to remove the grime, maybe use a little extra perfume or essential oils, and simply give yourself a day of freedom from the expectation of showering and bathing. 

Of course there's other ways to save water like installing drought resistant landscaping, washing your car at the car wash, installing "low flow" shower heads and toilets, skipping toilet flushes (which saves more water but is waaaay MORE stinky), which are all really great options. And isn't going shower less for just one day, breaking the rules and the expectations for one Saturday, a lot MORE fun? Just don't forget to to brush your teeth :)