Day 22: MORE:donations

This will be our last week together, I hope you've enjoyed MORE:kindness so far. 

For our final week we're dedicating the week to "selfless" service and the power of ONE to MANY. When we give our time, our money, vote with our voices and our pocketbooks we can truly create change on an unfathomable level.

Today, we're kicking off by offering you the gift of kindness by asking you to donate to your favorite charity, or maybe researching a new one to add to your list of annual charitable contributions. There's so many people, places and animals that can use our help, honestly anything you give can make a difference.

All it takes is $5, $10 is even better, and of course, MORE is even better. The truth is we could all probably give more than we actually do. There's just something special when we choose to give from our own wallet, when we forgo a few Starbucks, or even pull from our savings to ensure someone else less fortunate can have what we often take for granted.