Day 24: MORE:volunteer

I was thinking this morning about a wonderful story a woman in one of my courage workshops told me about volunteering. She told me when she goes through a transition - transitioning into a new position, starting a new job, changing relationships, etc. - she likes to volunteer. She said for her it's all about practicing karma, making sure that no matter how good or bad her life feels at that moment, volunteering always makes her feel incredibly good.

So today I give you the gift of kindness in the form of volunteering so you can feel good.

I myself haven't volunteered in a really long time, and I actually really really love it. One of the things I've been really wanting to do is take my dog Pancho to visit kids who have cancer, as he also has cancer but is doing really really well. Just feels like an incredibly good thing. 

In what way would lending a hand and opening your heart feel incredibly good to you? And just like going to the gym, it feels so good once you actually get there!