Day 27: MORE:support

One of the easiest ways I know to show my love and support for others and causes I care about is through showing them a little kindness from my pocketbook. And the great thing is many companies are making it so easy now for us to make purchases and at the same time be kind.

Today, I give you the gift of kindness in the gesture of support.

Social good companies abound! Toms kind of started it all by doing the "One for One" thing – but a pair of shoes, someone who needs a pair gets a pair, buy a pair of glasses and another pair is given, buy coffee and water is given.

There are thousands of these companies now like The Shine Project, that gives inner city kids jobs and they make beautiful pieces of jewelry. And the Kahn Academy that's working to make education free.

So, today, how amazing would it be if we all used our dollars to get something amazing for ourselves and help someone else get exactly what they need? Pretty awesome!