Day 28: MORE:opportunity

Well, today is our last day together. I hope you've received great joy from all the kindness you've spread throughout your world and your life, such a gift you've given yourself and everyone around you! 

Today, I give you the gift of kindness in the form of opportunity.

So many people want to change their lives. Their dedicated, determined, they even have a good idea, all they need is a leg up, some support, and they'll be on their way to making their dreams come true. 

I hope you'll find it in your heart to provide an opportunity to someone who's really making things happen in their lives. You know giving a buck or two to the guy with the sign on the off-ramp is one thing, and energetically supporting someone who's really dedicated to creating their life, that's a completely different story. 

Programs like,, and even Dress For Success make it really easy for us to do this. If you haven't been to their sites in a while, take a few minutes today to browse and see if there's anything interesting there, you might be completely surprised at what you'll find.

And with that, we are complete. Thank you so very very much for joining me on this amazing journey. This project has filled my heart with so much love, and actually strengthen my kindness muscle as well. I look forward to spending MORE time with you in the future. 

With MORE:love,


PS: The next MoreSeeker initiative will start on April 6, we're getting behind the #MOMA100days, a spin-off of the #100dayproject. I'll be sending out information on that the second week in March. If you have a creative yearning or have something you've wanted to create for a while this is the perfect opportunity for you. MoreSeekers will be supporting everyone who wants to create something, from a six pack of abs to the putting their paint brushes to work, to writing a book, and everything in between. I'm looking forward to having you on that journey too, if it feels good to you!