Day 4: MORE:enthusiasm

It's Day 4 of MORE:kindness and today, as promised, we're lightening it up a bit. Today is all about enthusiasm and smiles.

Aaaahhhh! Makes me smile just thinking about it.

My Sunday morning run was actually the inspiration for today's "be kind to yourself". That morning I'd gotten a late start, and for the first time since I could remember I didn't feel like running. I thought if I could just get out there and simply start running my it would all be OK, not great, but at least I'd get my workout in. But I just wasn't feeling it, every step seemed to be weighed down with pain and suffering – definitely not the experience I wanted to be having. 

Determined to not let that happen, I began scouring my brain for anything that could make it better. And what bubbled to the surface was, "Get enthusiastic. Get excited. Put a spring in your step!" So, instead of begrudgingly trodding along I decided to try a little enthusiasm. I simply just decided to be enthusiastic about it rather than dread and hate every step, every movement, every breath. 

And to my amazement, all of a sudden the pain began to melt from my face and the corners of my mouth began to smile. So I smiled bigger, and then even bigger, until the smile took over and the run actually became fun. To my surprise, not only did it make my run more enjoyable, but it seemed that smile became contagious. As I passed a woman with that big toothy grin she said, "I don't know if I've ever smiled as big as you are. Thank you!"

Aaahhhhh, the power of a smile. The power to change you AND the world around you!

So today I offer you the gift of MORE:kindness in the form of enthusiasm. Start by revving your enthusiasm engine with a smile. Jump out of bed with a smile, shower with a smile, drive or ride the train with a smile, sit at your desk and work with a smile, and see what unfolds. 

May your day be filled with the kind of kindness only a smile can bring to your heart. Happy smiling!

With MORE:love,