Day 5: MORE:surrender

I hope this finds you with sore cheeks after smiling so much and bringing more enthusiasm to your life and those around you :))))))

For Day 5, I'd like to give you one of the most amazing gifts of kindness of the whole entire month – MORE:surrender.

Surrender is an interesting concept because we've been taught surrendering = giving up. But what if we considered an alternative meaning, created a different belief for surrender? One that was about letting go of driving, striving and forcing something to work, to make space for MORE of the good stuff. 

If you have something you've been trying really hard to make happen but for one reason or another it just doesn't seem to be coming to fruition, I invite you to consider letting go of it, perhaps it's time to surrender to something greater so even MORE becomes possible.

We try so hard, believing if we try even harder we can make it work, make it happen. But we forget we're not the only "force" creating our lives. If we slow down, even stop, to consider there might be a better plan in place for us that for one reason or another just doesn't include the person we've been trying so hard to make happy, the idea we've dedicated hundreds of hours to, or the job we've given up our evenings and weekends for.

Sometimes the most kind thing you can do for yourself is to stop and let it go, surrender. This doesn't mean you're a failure or that you're giving up. When we allow ourselves to surrender, to let go of what's not working, it's amazing what can happen for us and how even MORE actually rushes in to greet us. And crazy enough, it's usually something even MORE fantastic than what we were driving and striving so hard to create in the first place. 

So be kind to yourself today, look at what you've dug your heals into, determined to make work and ask yourself, "What would happen if I surrendered? What would happen if I let it go?" If surrendering feels uplifting and exciting despite everything you've already dedicated to it, then it's time to surrender.

With MORE:love,