Day 7: MORE:recovery

Ahhhh, our last day to focus our intent on being kind to ourselves. I hope you're feeling really good and ready to start giving it to others tomorrow. 

But before we let our excitement take hold and jump right in, as is usually the custom of the MoreSeeker, let's take the day to recover.

Today, I give you one of one of the most important ways to be kind to yourself – the gift of recovery.

Every athlete knows that if they are going to achieve peak performance and be their very best they absolutely MUST recover, which is why being a professional athlete is a full time job. We need more time off the field to rebuild, rejuvenate, relax, than we do on the field. When we break something down, if it is to grow stronger and healthier, it must have the time to repair itself.

Just because we're not professional athletes doesn't mean we don't need the same. Life is our field, and if we're not taking the time to recover and allow ourselves to rebuild, repair, rejuvenate, we will never be able to show up at our best, we will never experience peak performance. 

So, today, receive this gift of recovery. Find a good chunk of time (if possible, more than an hour), to 1) celebrate and appreciate all your amazing hard work this week and both your little and grand accomplishments; and 2) relax, whatever that looks like to you. And definitely make it something that allows you to rest, slow your breathing and your heart beat, and sink into a blissful state. 


With MORE:love,