Day 9: MORE:honesty

When we practice gratitude as we did yesterday our hearts begin to open towards others in miraculous ways. But when we practice honesty, I believe this is one of the kindest things we can do for another, no matter how hard it is to tell or to hear. Honesty has a way of breaking down barriers, creating connection, and opening up our relationships in ways we could never imagine. 

Today, I give you the gift of honesty as a way to be kind to those around you. While many of us would consider ourselves honest, it is the actual practice that so often eludes us. More often than not we tell half truths in an effort to be kind, to protect ourselves and others. Nothing is more kind than the truth. 

So, today, I'm not only offering you the gift of honesty, I'm also offering you a challenge: be 100% completely and totally honest for 24-hours. Nothing but truth. No white lies, no half-truths. Just the raw, vulnerability of genuine kindness in the form of honesty. 

Game? I hope so. And I'd love to hear about your experience - you can post your thoughts and stories below. 

Let honesty be your greatest expression of your kind heart, today and everyday!