Day 10: MORE:generosity

Are you ready to have some fun with sharing a little MORE:kindness today? Great, me too! 

Today my gift of kindness to you is MORE:generosity.

A recent study done at Notre Dame shows that when we are generous, when we give freely and without expectation, just because, we are happier and healthier. Now those are the kind of side affects I like to see! 

My ex-father-in-law is one of the most generous people I know. On Christmas Eve he used to go to the Goodwill in his neighborhood because there were always some of the poorest people searching for last minute deals after receiving their last paycheck of the year. He'd walk around talk to people and then give them each a $20 bill so they could get that extra something special. I've never seen someone so happy as when he'd come home from playing his version of Santa Claus.

So, even though it's not Christmas, what would happen if we all channeled our own version of Santa Claus? The thing is there are so many ways we can be generous – time, money, and love – which we often times forget we can give to someone, even a complete stranger, just because. Just because it feels good, just because it's one of the most kind and fun things we can do for another human being.

When was the last time you bought coffee for the next person in line, just because? When was the last time you let someone over on the freeway even when it seemed like they were being greedy, just because?  When was the last time you gave a homeless person a buck, just because? Twenty bucks? When was the last time you offered a friend your time because they needed help with something, just because? 

I'm so excited for tomorrow. I for one have never bought someone their morning coffee, and for me to give one of the homeless people who have made camp outside of the Venice Whole Foods 20-bucks would be a huge gesture of kindness and generosity.

But first, I think I'll start with you! this year when you use the code MORE4YOU, you'll receive 10% off anything the MoreSeekers Emporium.

I've been super busy creating some pretty amazingly fabulous things. Coming in March to PRACTICES is a brand new fun way to add MORE every month to your life called the MoreSeeker Sessions. And I've been busy working on two jewelry collaborations for ADORNMENTS which I have a feeling you'll love - one launching in April and the next in May. And then coming in June another amazing PRACTICE, I'll be announcing a fabulous way to learn how to add MORE:grace+ease into your life. (Sorry, Danielle Laporte items can't be included). 

There's just something about being unexpectedly generous, of giving in a big way that starts to make your heart grow exponentially, and your whole body tingle with joy.

Now it's your turn, how will you generously share what you have with someone who might not be expecting it?