You work out, eat clean, maybe make an effort to make it to the occasional yoga class, and dabble in a little meditation. YAY YOU! You're right on track and you've got an edge over millions of other people. And do you feel like maybe you could use a little boost, like you want something just a little bit MORE? These healthy and beautiful habits are amazing ways to increase our wellbeing AND the truth is, they only get us so far if we truly want to be our best. If we truly want to live a life of MORE. 



The MoreSeeker WORKOUTS are like no other workout you’ve ever experienced! 

No grunting, muscle straining, over zealous trainers. No sweating required to experience life changing results. Just simple practices you incorporate into your everyday life that have the ability to not only make you feel great, but also help you transform that great feeling into the beautiful life you desire.

Each workout takes you beyond your physical body to empower YOU – energize your dreams, let go of what's holding you back, achieve your goals, fulfill your potential, to be>live>do>have MORE

Specifically designed for the successful and busy person who wants even MORE, the seven week workout is devoted to teaching you the concepts, practices and special little tricks that will help you add the MORE to your life you've been looking for. All while doing it with beauty, grace and ease. And because the whole point is to feel good, each workout is carefully crafted to maximize your happiness and fulfillment in 5-15 minute increments each day. 


Learn, achieve your goals, get to know your soul, shine, take flight, feel whole, complete and genuinely happy.

We bet you didn't even know you had "life muscles". Well you do. And they can be powerful, strong, and amazingly useful in helping us create what we want and the lives we crave. Activating them is easy, fun and even the smallest amount of effort can produce massive results and beautiful transformation. And when we do them together, as part of a group, we gain even MORE.

Each month we'll come together to explore, learn, practice, take action, and focus on one of the key “life muscles”.

In a nutshell – each short daily workout is designed to put your beautiful “life muscles” to work so you can strengthen the core of who you are and thrive like never before. We want you to experience the kind of crazy, silly, exquisite abundance, happiness, freedom and peace you’ve always wanted, but secretly wondered whether was truly possible. (Well, maybe that’s a stretch, but at MoreSeekers we aim high, we’re all about stretching ourselves, creating the possibility for the outrageous and never-before to happen!).


it's so simple & easy, it's crazy         (but isn't that how life should be?)

STEP 1: Attend the kick-off meeting Wednesday, January 6 at 5pPST (recorded for your listening pleasure)

STEP 2: Read the weekly email and commit to practicing the easy and short 5-10 minute exercises

STEP 3: Complete the short daily writing exercise delivered via email every day

Step 4: Share your experience in the Workout Forum, ask for support, find an accountability partner. Why? Because seekers need seekers.

STEP 5: Attend the optional Live Q&A call if you have questions or would like a little coaching (every 2 weeks on Wednesdays at 5pPST)

STEP 6: Gracefully receive unsolicited compliments of how happy, calm, productive and full of energy you are.




You'll thrive in these sessions if you're...

  • ready to live fuller, feel more complete, raise your happiness set point, and create the MORE you've been craving

  • you're looking to get MORE from your current health and wellness practice and want to add a mindfulness practice to your regimen

  • you have a life long dream you’re ready to make a reality

  • you want to do some letting go and open up to new possibilities and opportunities

  • it's time to do a little exploring, some self-discovery, some personal growth

  • you want to get crystal clear on who you are and what you really want

  • it's simply time for a change, an opportunity to do a little self-improvement, gain some additional self-awareness, expand your life

Whether you’re a master MoreSeeker or new to living a life of MORE, like most good workouts, no matter where you are you’ll always feel like you got exactly what you needed.



  1. LIVE Kick Off Call. We’ll meet for 90-minutes via webinar on Wednesday, January 6 at 5pPST. Here we’ll introduce you to the different life muscles and give you all the details of the seven week workout. We’ll go deep diving into science, culture, and technology. Our goal is to arm you with all the knowledge and background you need to help strengthen your life muscles. 
  2. Weekly exercises. Each Sunday you’ll receive an email explaining that weeks life muscle and the practice specifically designed to  strengthen that specific “life muscle”. Our goal is to provide you simple exercises that are easily incorporated into your daily life so you'll spend no more than 10 minutes per day. This is about increasing the fulfillment life can give you so we’re not going to overload you and you’re not expected to workout for hours on end. And because some weeks life is busier than others, and some of us are more advanced in specific areas, we’ll give you a basic exercise and an advanced exercise and you can choose your poison, maybe even giving both a whirl to see what feels best.
  3. Bi-weekly Q&A Calls. We’ll meet every other Wednesday for seven weeks so you can ask questions, receive 1:1 coaching, and maybe even hear from a surprise guest. 
  4. MoreSeeker Workout Members Forum. This is a private Facebook Group where you’ll be able to receive support from Melissa as well as your fellow MoreSeekers. We know “seekers need seekers” so we wanted to be sure to provide an inspiring place where you can connect, share and receive the accountability and support you need. 
  5. 10% discount on all MoreSeeker workshops, adventures, adornments and offerings and other special surprises and gifts throughout the year. 


A Note From Your Coach

One thing I absolutely know for sure is this… life is one continuous adventure you must create constantly. There’s no finish line, just that beautiful, upwards, never-ending spiral of life.

Welcome to The MoreSeeker Workout. I’ve been a MoreSeeker my whole entire life. I’ve learned the hard way what MORE really and truly is and why seeking is such an amazing lifestyle. I also realized the more training, support, and tools I’ve gained, the easier and more enjoyable living a life of MORE becomes.

The MoreSeeker Workouts come from my heart and soul. This is the class I’ve always wanted to take. The monthly sessions and weekly workouts are designed to teach you something you didn’t know before, inspire you to step to the edge of your comfort zone, and provide the encouragement to be yourself and live your desires. All while doing it with grace and ease, feeling fully supported.

Truly a gift I’m excited and proud to give you! Let's get started!

With MORE:love,